CFA Pass?


Nov 8, 2017
I'm taking my CFA Dec. 15, and these are my current scores from a mock test I did with a P.E. teacher:
BBall throw: 48 ft
Pull-ups: 2
Shuttle run: 9.2
Sit-ups: 60
Pushups: 40
Mile: 7:44

All conditions were as set on the CFA instruction page. I'm really close to getting that 3rd pull-up...
The mile is pretty embarrassing because I'm used to running 6:30 or under. I didn't realize how much harder it is after preceding it with the rest of the test! Does anyone know if these scores look acceptable, even with only 2 pull-ups? If I do the flexed-arm hang, I can meet the max. Is it better to do 2 pull-ups, or max the flexed arm hang?
Your scores are not bad. Practicing the test in order and under the same time conditions gives you better practice for the real thing. One pull-up is better than the maximum flexed arm hang.

I only did 2 pull-ups and I passed. As Stealth said, even one pull-up is graded higher than flexed arm hang, so if people pass with flexed arm hang you'll definitely pass with 2 pull-ups. I'd really try to see if you could shave 30+ seconds off of your run if anything.
My DS also thought he has this test in the bag. He is an athlete in great shape. He is now practicing daily this test in order to build up his endurance and retake in a couple weeks. I think he thought since he can Max everything when rested he would have this in the bag.. much different when you have muscle pump and exertion added to the mix. Those look like great scores to me! Good Luck :)