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Oct 31, 2008
O.k, so I just did my CFA yesterday and here are my stats:
160 lbs
BB throw: 82
chinups: 15
shuttle run: 10.8 (slippery concrete floor + dry shoes = 10.8)
crunches: 68
pushups: Max/75
Mile: 6:59

First impression? I would appreciate any input.
It was below freezing when I did my run (I'm not making excuses). Will this slow time hurt me? Thnks
everything looks fantastic 'cept for crunches and shuttle. :thumb:

Concur with bigcox. Your pull-ups, BB throw and pushups are great.

Of note, I've been collecting self reported scores from this list, and now have 30 male and 3 female scores in a spreadsheet. Your Crunch score and one-mile run time are well within the heart of the bell shaped curve, even if a bit below average. While what I have is a small sample, your shuttle time is the highest reported by a male by .6 sec. That would place you in the low 17% of the data.

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Running in the cold actually makes ya run faster, provided you warm up in a warm area..
My CFA Scores

I Just took the CFA for the 1st time last week,

Sit-ups: 83
Push-ups: 55 (lame)
Pull-ups: 8 (lamer)
Mile: 6:22
Basketball: 94'
Shuttle: 8.7

What do you think? Im 6'4" and 180 lbs. I might retake it.

Remember my data is self reported, some folks may pad their scores, this sort of info exchange may attract foks who scored better.

From my data and what USAFA and USMA report as averages for last years class.

Sit-ups: 83 - Self reported (Sr) average is 79, USAFA 74, USMA 72
Push-ups: 55 (lame) - Sr Avg 60, USAFA 55, USMA 54
Pull-ups: 8 (lamer) - Sr avg 10, USAFA 10, USMA 9
Mile: 6:22 - Sr avg 6:36, USAFA 6:45, USMA 6:43
Basketball: 94' Sr avg 69', USAFA 68, USMA 67
Shuttle: 8.7 sec Sr avg 8.8, USAFA 9.5, USMA 9.1

In short, great BBall throw, good mile, good sit-ups. All others are very near average. Recognize that this is average for the folks who GOT IN.

BGO, USNA 2007 dad, CDR USN (ret)
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Don't retake your CFA. Scores are fine. However, you want to continue to improve before I-Day.