Oct 16, 2018
Once you have submitted your CFA, how do you know if you have passed or qualified? My son submitted his CFA and videos and everything is checked off on his portal but I am unclear as to whether this means he is qualified for the fitness portion of his application.
You know your event performance vs min/ max when you take the test; check mark on portal just shows that your scores were received and logged.
If you aren't going to pass you likely knew that when you finished the test [e.g. 8+ minute mile etc.]

You never really find out how 'well' you did as far as CFA impacting your WCS.
OK, thank you. This helps. He does have a green check mark and all of his event scores were at or close to the max but I just was not sure if it would show "qualified" in the same way it does for DoDMERB.