1. B

    Remedial Request

    I recently was alerted that I had a remedial Request. They just want some documentation for a hospital visit. This wasnt a serious visit and I won't be disqualified for the details that arise from this. Does this mean that aside from the extra documentation, I am largely qualified?
  2. B

    Qualified Letter/LOA

    In September, I was given a Letter of Assurance stating that once I completed a few final things in my file, received a nomination, and received medical qualification, I would get an appointment to the class of 2025. As of October 19th, I am medically and physically qualified, and my file is...
  3. J

    Qualified for admission?

    My BGO told me that the academy qualified me for admission, but I have no idea what that actually means. Does anyone have an idea?
  4. F


    Hi all I was notified today that DODMERB has found me qualified for my Marine NROTC program. However, during the eye exam I remember the optometrist saying I was near sighted and needed glasses (my civilian doctor disagreed, but that isn't as important). When DODMERB says I am qualified, does...
  5. K

    DS - Qualified academically, medically, and physically; 3Q on NWL

    I'm new to this forum, but see much valuable information. My DS just received great news today that he is medically qualified making him 3Q; Qualified academically, medically, and physically. The DoDMERB process went much faster than we ever expected so thrilled with that. Several weeks ago...
  6. GA5Fighter

    The Waiver process and Waiting Advice

    Just found out that my waiver was granted and that I am now medically qualified. This was the last thing that I needed to be "3Q". I admit that I was caught off guard when I saw the good news. Guess I had become used to opening the portal every week and seeing "Waiver requested". For any future...
  7. turtle7584

    Factors Influencing Appointment

    Hello all, though this is my first post here I just have a few direct questions concerning types of factors influencing one's appointment and if it is worth the stress of applying. I'm a junior currently in Pasadena MD. Heres a background of my physical and academic achievements: 3.78 UW GPA...
  8. C

    Under DoDMERB Review

    I am a USNA applicant and my status has been "Under DoDMERB Review for months now... is this normal? when will this change? I have been to all my exams and it says I am in the database.
  9. K

    Qualified and NWL Correspondence

    I recently was given the correspondence stating my application was qualified for admission and that I have been placed on the NWL. I currently have a presidential nomination. The congressional and Senatorial interviews and nominations are not until mid-January for my district. I have been in...
  10. M


    Once you have submitted your CFA, how do you know if you have passed or qualified? My son submitted his CFA and videos and everything is checked off on his portal but I am unclear as to whether this means he is qualified for the fitness portion of his application.
  11. C

    DoDMERB Status Update Unavailable

    I passed all my physical exams and qualified months ago. My status was updated and there had been no problems. However, my NROTC unit is requesting a copy of my DoDMERB completed physical exam and qualification letter. I logged in and under "View My Status", all it said was "Qualified Restricted...
  12. A

    Qualified... Now What?

    Received official correspondence from USMA Admissions that I’m now fully qualified and have been put on NWL. It’s the standard letter but after looking around more on my application I found this: “ Once all application requirements are on file (marked with a ), including Nominations and 7th...
  13. S

    NWL and MOC Who Doesn't Rank

    Hey guys, I was notified that I am on the NWL. I've heard this means I didn't get the slot for my MOC's slate, but I read on this forum that with a MOC who doesn't rank candidates, such as mine, all of the candidates in my MOC slate are placed on NWL and the one who gets selected for the slot is...
  14. C

    Can I be admitted before I am medically qualified?

    I have been on HOLD since early November. I also have 4 nominations, passed my CFA, and sent in my 7th semester grades. It looks like it may take a while to get medically qualified though because I have to get a echocardiogram. Please excuse me if this has been asked before, but can I be...
  15. E

    More than qualified, but Did Not earn scholarship?

    After the results of the third board, I was disappointed to see I had again not earned a scholarship for ROTC. I am also a candidate for USAFA and USMA. After looking around the threads, It seems I am as qualified, if not much more qualified, than those who received 4 year scholarships to their...
  16. azmilmom

    Qualified now remedial?

    DS was listed as DoDMERB Qualified for USNA, USAFA, and AROTC in October 2016. USMA submitted an application for him earlier this month and now his status is listed as 'Remedial Requested' on all applications--even the ones where he was previously listed as Qualified. The remedial is listed for...
  17. B

    Qualified v Qualified Unrestricted Line

    I recently got a letter in the mail from DoDMERB that shows the following: US Navy ROTC: Qualified Unrestricted Line US Naval Academy: Qualified Does this mean I am not qualified for unrestricted line for the Naval Academy? It wouldn't make much sense if I was for ROTC and not USNA but it...