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Jul 16, 2007
I am currently planning on attending the United States Naval Academy. I know the process of receiving an appointment is very competitive, so I wanted to know what type of chance I might have on receiving one. I haven't taken the ACT yet, but will in December.

I'm currently participating in the following clubs/organizations.

Youth Group
Media Ministry
Youth Tech Team
Boy Scouts of America - I'll be an Eagle Scout at the end of this year

Student Body Vice President
Yearbook Staff
Student Council
Beta Club
Spanish Club
Drama Club
Web Site Design Team
Technology Committee
Honors Geometry Club
Robotics Club

I'm also in the top 5% of my class.

If I score high on my ACT (30 or more) and score high on my CFA, what type of chance would I have of being admitted? Should I try to do anything else?

Thanks for all of the help.
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No earthly idea on your chances. Class standings, courseload, school ranking, and many other things come into play. Go to:

Look at the Class profiles, read the admissions catalog, plan your class schedule, then come back and ask specific questions.

Good luck.
What about sports?

I know that many midshipmen played some form of varsity sports. (91.5% in Class of 2011) I don't play because of other obligations I have. Will this hinder my competitiveness? Does the USNA view sports as a measure of team leadership or athletic ability?
What grade are you in now?

If over 90% of incoming plebes played a varsity sport and you did not then dont you think that will hinder your competitiveness?
I bet the other 8% played a sport not offered at their high school at a very high level, such as competitive club or travel team.

If 91.5% played a varsity sport and you did not then you better bring something else spectacular to the table to make up for it and you better be able to prove you can handle the physical demands of the academy.

The academies view sports as both a measure of team leadership and athletic ability. Team sports are highly looked on because it proves that you can function as part of a team. Athletic ability is necessary for you to handle the demands of being a plebe and midshipman.
Sports are so important that every midshipman/cadet is required to participate at some level on a team at the service academies.

The Service academies are looking for candidates who model scholarship, leadership and athleticism.
I'll be entering the 10th grade this upcoming school year.

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your CFA results show your level of stamina and physical endurance? If you score high on your CFA shouldn't that say that you are able to meet the demands of midshipmen activities?
Your own physical endurance is one thing but functioning as part of the team like "just a mom" referred to, I imagine, is as important. There was a "learning curve" for my daughter when she joined a team sport after participating in an individual sport for a long time. You are not in control any longer and some people don't do well in that enviroment no matter how fit you are. I'm pretty new here so this is only my guess.:biggrin:
I'm pretty new here so this is only my guess.

You're doing good. Welcome aboard.

USNA football players do measurably better than the rest of the brigade at large on fitness reports after they graduate . They are team players.
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wow. i remember sitting in your position one year ago feeling 100% confident i was going to be granted an appointment.

the biggest thing i learned throughout the whole process, and am still learning (thanks, usna69), is that you never know what the academy might really like in your profile. the different class profiles at will definitley give you the best idea of what you need to shoot for.

overall, i would say the best thing you could ever do in applying for a service academy is to put everything out there. give them everything you've got and don't give up. work insanely hard to improve yourself. this is going to be hard, no doubt, but you will grow up so much as you cotinue in the process.

best of luck to you and any future applicant.
And I look at you NavyClarinet and think WOW one year ago, I know a young lady who ended up at Prep School & I found photos of her at USNA a few days ago and am just so amazed by you dedicated young people! I surely cannot wait until its your turn. So proud of you! You are one of the best & brightest.

CW - apply kid. That is the only sure fire way to know. Your stats look awesome so keep pushing & working hard! Good job by the way. Good stuff.

If you're just entering 10th grade, you have plenty of time to get involved in sports. Not only are there physical demands at USNA, but afternoons are devoted to athletic activities. You don't have to be a varsity athlete -- there are Club sports and a very competitive intramural program.

Sure, some folks do D&B (Drum & Bugle Corps) or something else other than sports, but they are the vast minority. If sports -- individual or team -- don't interest you at all, consider whether USNA is for you.

I definitely would try some sport (in school or outside) and see if you like it. You might be surprised.
If I was a tad bit harsh in my comments above, I was simply trying to emphasize how important athletics is.

I don't play because of other obligations I have.

This reasoning for not participating in athletics will probably not get you very far. If you used to play a sport, seriously consider picking it up again.

Time management is a big part of the academies. The ability to juggle school, sports and other activities is a huge plus. response to your comment that you don't do sports 'because of your other committments' - Well, USNA will expect you to DO SPORTS your Plebe year ( and beyond) ON TOP of every other possible difficult schedule and committment. The whole idea is to figure out what your priorties are and then manage them as best you can. Like others have said, you have time to get sports into your life. If you have to give up one of your school clubs for sports - and you REALLY want to be considered for a USNA slot - that's the price you would have to be willing to pay to enter this competitve fray.

It's all about your decisions, your priorities, your dedications, your interests.

Now is the wonderful time of your life to figure all this out.

Good luck and God Bless you!