Chances at AROTC Scholarship?

May 1, 2017
I am currently a junior pursuing an AROTC scholarship. Wanted to know what are my chances on receiving one?
GPA - 3.6
JROTC Battalion Commander
3 year XC and Track
500 Hours of CC
Top 10% of Class
You have zero chance if you don't apply. Honestly, after watching two years of applicants, yes you are competitive but there is no way to know. Here are things I would suggest.

You do not mention SAT or ACT scores, whatever they are take this summer to make one of them better.
Visit your schools of choice and meet with ROTC, let them know your desire to go to their school. This can help you in the future, if you need a plan B or C there might be campus based scholarship options.
Don't compare your stats to others, you will drive yourself crazy.

Good luck to you and keep us posted!
SAT - 1270 (New SAT)
Taking another SAT this weekend and the ACT a couple weeks after that
I'm also enrolled in AP classes and have AP testing all this week, hopefully all goes well.
Keep taking the SAT and upgrading the score. You have a reasonable chance. Get in touch with the ROO at the school of your choice. Show interest in the program, and they can give you tips to improve your profile.

Even if you don't get a National scholarship, you can also attend an affordable college and enroll in AROTC as a non-contract cadet. My DS did this and earned a campus-based 3 year advanced designee scholarship by November of his fall semester (later upgraded to 3.5). He did this by working hard, getting good grades and scoring high on the APFT plus participating in lots of EC's.

Have a plan A, plan B....thru Z.

Good luck!
What else should I consider?
One thing I was taught was to strive for Scholar, Athlete, Leader (SAL). Scholar meaning class rank, SAT/ACT Scores, difficulty of courses. Athlete meaning a good APFT score, but for the scholarship it is 1 mile run, 1 min. sit up, and 1 min push up and athletic participation. Leader meaning strive for QUALITY leadership positions in clubs. If you were chosen to be the leader of a club, make a difference. This will help you with our PMS interview. Don't do what other people might do and try to hold 20+ leadership positions. I was told to hold at least one in school, outside of school, and in a sport. One last thing, choose clubs that you enjoy, leadership positions should be easy if you have a passion for a certain club. Good Luck!
What else should I consider?

For AROTC scholarships:
In addition to your SAL (scholar, athlete, leader) accomplishments, the Professor of Military Science (PMS) interview will help determine if you are offered a scholarship. Your interview is worth up to 200 points, broken down as follows: 40 scholar, 40 athlete, 40 leadership (based off your application and any additional information that you give during the interview) and then 40 points each for the PMS' assessment of your Personal Qualities and Potential. Make sure that you dress professionally, make good eye contact, avoid filler words as much as possible ("um", "like", etc), take your time and answer the questions thoroughly. Most Professors of Military Science will state in the Additional Notes section of the interview whether to offer you a 4 year scholarship, 3 year scholarship or no scholarship. They will sometimes recommend to wait and consider a scholarship offer after a year of college and ROTC participation is complete. It is their opinion, but many Recruiting Operations Officers (ROOs) consider this when completing their Board Ready lists.

Good luck to you!
The most important things you can do at this point are try to improve SAT/ACT, work on the physical test, and do well on the interview. Good luck.