"Chances" for getting an AFROTC scholarship??

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by afrotcapplicant, Oct 17, 2016.

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    I am a high school senior, and I have been considering applying for AFROTC scholarship for quite some time now. I finally decided that I might as well try, and just started the application process.
    1. Do you think that starting the process relatively late will have an impact on my chance of recieving a scholarship?
    2. About what chance do I have of getting a type 1, 2, or 7 scholarship with the following:
    Intended Major: Computer Science
    Unweighted GPA 4.0
    SAT 1510, 780 Math, 730 Reading
    Activities: Cross Country and track all 4 years, team captain junior/senior year, student gov't (president) 10-12 grade, nhs, various volunteer work and work experience in science/computer science related areas.
    PFA: This is where I will struggle the most. The run I can easily max and probably get low 8 minutes if I try hard. Situps I should be ok, can get in 50s for 1 minute. However, the pushups I am only able to get in the low 40s in 1 minute. I also am not the strongest guy, and have more of a runner/skinny build. Will this be a big deterrent in my application? Any feedback on how I can improve would be appreciated.
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    I have similar overall stats (3.83 GPA, 11 AP classes, 35 ACT, 4 years soccer, many leadership XCs, technical work/internships, mech engineering intent, etc.) and was awarded a Type 1 Commander's scholarship (contingent on university admittance and DODMERB results). Starting late can hurt you, but are you really going to give up simply because your chances are slightly lower? I hope not.
    I am also a runner, but dedicate a lot of time to strength conditioning on my own. Develop a workout plan and stick to it, and make sure to nourish yourself with an adequate amount of protein. Working out over last winter-summer brought my PFA to a 9:03, 57 sit ups, 47 push ups. The most important thing with the PFA is nailing the form. With running, there are no issues, but ensure that your sit ups and push ups are done properly. There are many YouTube videos out there that can illustrate proper technique. The worst thing you or I could do is have our scoresheets say one score, and then show up to the detachment the first day of college and get a lower score. Not a good first impression.
    I got the impression that the interview is the most significant part of the application. After all, your stats mean very little until put into context. You need to prove that you are a capable and mature leader that is willing to learn and become an outstanding officer. Prove that you understand and live by the Air Force core values. Prove that you have a desire to serve.
    Best of luck. I can only reccomend that you apply.

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