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    May 30, 2017
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    Varsity Tennis
    JV Football
    Student Government Rep.
    Secretary of National Science Honor Society
    President of Student to Student
    Varsity Speech and Debate team
    Over 300 community service hours
    3 years NJROTC
    Battalion Admin Officer
    Academic Team Commander
    Leadership Academy graduate
    Boy's State (attending this summer; running for Governor)
    Ocean Bowl team captain
    NJROTC Brain brawl Team Captain
    3.9 GPA (should be 4.1 after final grades are submitted)
    28 ACT (retaking it in august)
    I am worried that my ACT score and GPA aren't quite good enough for an appointment..How do you think my chances are to get a scholarship?
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    Compare yourself to the 2020 Class Portrait located at

    In brief, I would suggest your work on increasing your ACT scores and make sure you are taking the most challenging classes that your school as to offer. There is so much variation in GPAs from school to school, so your class rank and school profile is probably a better indicator than your raw GPA.
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    Good tickets..but the answer is as always. depends .
    Where are applying from ?
    What is your class rank ?
    Recommend you take SAT to see if that is better than ACT (some do better on one test over the other)
    Bottom line, the only way you will know is apply....100% of those that don't apply won't get in.
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    May 26, 2015
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    Get Math and English ACT scores to 30 or above, and depending on the competition in your district, or off NWL, you should be competitive. Unless you have some special circumstance, like being a great recruited athlete, or being from a weak congressional district, you need ACT/SAT scores at or above 30. For sure there are exceptions to this, but when someone is asking for an assessment, for a "decent" chance you really want test scores in that range or above before you should feel too optimistic. I think your GPA is good, but it really isn't GPA which matters, but rather "class rank". You have lots of extracurriculars, and that is great and helpful, but that wont do it unless you have those objective academic numbers (class rank and test scores) first. Team captain on the tennis team, and if you could make varsity football, would add largely to your WCS. Also, get a nice CFA score. Work on boosting those ACT numbers; as that might be the make/break factor for you.
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    In reality this is a silly question to ask. Why NO ONE knows your chances as I have written numerous times put together the best package you can and let the chips fall. IMHO as you describe yourself today the odds would not favor an appointment. ACT under 30. Also do more research there are no scholarships at any service academy.
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