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Dec 25, 2016
Hello! Applicant from Texas here. Got nominations from extremely competitive Congressional district in DFW and one from Senator Cornyn. I know there's no way of telling but just want some helpful advice with my chances.

ACT- 33 composite (math-31 english-34 )
Class rank- 2/192
Awards- AP scholar, AP English writing award, district community service award, Texas music scholar

Class Officer since Freshman year (treasurer-9, secretary-10 pres-11 pres-12)
Student council Senior Rep
Intern state senator
Job Lifetime Fitness
School Board student advisor
Boys State Delegate 2016
Senior Rep to band
Bassoon Section Leader concert band
Started Voter Registration drive at school
Captain Spelling Academics team
Marching Band Drum Major(State Silver medalists 2016 champs 2014)
Varsity tennis 9th-12th (Voted captain 12th but turned down bc drum major)
Eagle Scout (Bronze Eagle Palm)
Challenge day club president (community service)
Tennis varsity (9-12) voted captain 12th but turned down bc drum major
Founder and president Mayors Youth Advisory Council
Founder and president model UN club
Intern senator Marco rubio presidential campaign 2016

Community service-
Mentor at risk kids
Co-founder of club at school dedicated to helping disabled students be more involved
Spirit horse therapeutic center
Founder Warming Hearts Donation Clothing Drive
Co-founder lunch buddies (get disabled students involved in student body)

Recommendation from founder and former chair of International Affairs dept. at USNA

77 ball throw
Max pull ups
Max sit ups
67 push-ups
8.5 shuttle run
6:31 mile

Thank you! I'm terrified because I haven't heard anything and it's killing me.
Impressive Resume. Unfortunately, no one on this forum is part of the selection process. Best of luck!