Chances with a 24 ACT


Jul 11, 2019
Say a white male candidate checks all of the other boxes but has a 24 ACT. Does he have a chance of appointment?
You can look online and see what typical scores are for each academy.
You can look online and see what typical scores are for each academy.

I’ve seen them. That data doesn’t help me to the extent of knowing that I checksll the other boxes of what admissions is looking for. I was hoping someone with great experience could provide their educated guess or opinion.
A 24 is going to be something that you will have to overcome. I would say that is on the low end of the scale.
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It is a longshot.

However, you might be a candidate for prep school.
Unless you have something else to bring to the table that WP values, a 24 ACT for a white male certainly doesn't help your odds. If you are a recruited athlete or an underrepresented minority, then a 24 ACT MIGHT be acceptable.
If I were you, I would be signing up to take the next ACT and be studying everyday for it. You CAN bring up that 24. It just depends how dedicated you are to improving that score.
Also depends where you live. If you are in a district that has very few applicants, you could win your district and get an appointment. However, let's say you are in a state like NY, TX, or a place like DC...probably very little chance. Keep taking the ACT and try the SAT.
Take it over. Study hard and retest. Also take the sat, some do better on one format than the other. I do not think a 24 is competitive and will be hard to overcome even if all other areas are stellar.
Frankly, a 24 is going to be tough if you're not a recruited athlete. Have you tried the SAT? Some folks score much better on one test over the other. As others have said, take it as many times as you can. Superscoring is your friend. Ultimately, it will come down to your district but you can improve from a 24! Good luck.
Have you tried the SAT?

OP has posted an 1120 SAT score in a past thread.

Seriously, my DS was not good at standardized testing and was turned down by both USNA and USMA.

However, he was very successful as a walk-on Army ROTC cadet at his local State University, earning a campus based scholarship along the way. He is now an Active Duty Armor branch 2LT.

Don't give up on applying to the SA's, but do have your Plan B, C and D lined up!
Depending on your geographic location, you might get in. Some regions of the country are more competitive than others and are looked on more/less favorably.
Remember USMA super scores so you can take it several times and work on just one or two sections at a time to build a higher composite score.