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Sep 18, 2008
Okay, so right now I am in the process of applying to the academy. I have everything done, including my DODMERB, except for my essays and PFE. However, I am still extremely nervous. To go to the Coast Guard Academy is my dream, one that was strengthened when I attended AIM last July. When I drove away the last day of my session, I turned to my mom and said, "Can I go back? Its where I belong." I know that no one can tell me whether I am in or not but I would like some advice.

But anyway, here are my stats:

GPA: W: 4.2 UW: 3.6
AP Courses (My school only offers 6):
US II AP History
AP Calculus
AP IV English
AP Music (believe it or not, this is my hardest class)
The rest of my classes have all been honors courses.

3 Years Varsity Track (lettered all three years)

Student Council (two years)
4 Years of Marching and Concert Band
-Junior Drum Major and now Head Drum Major.
Interact Club (Community Service Club) (3 years):
-Vice President
National Honor Society
Pit Orchestra (3 years)
Choir (4 years)
Book Club (2 years)
Senior Committee (Incharge of planning homecoming, prom, senior trip etc.)
Girls' State
National Youth Leadership Forum 2007 on National Security, Intelligence, and Diplomacy
Who's Who Among Students? (academic award)
Thats all I cant think of for now lol

CR: 660 Math: 550 Writing: 600
-I know I need to work on my math, I am retaking the test on October 4 and it would bne nice to be a little higher in the other two categories.

Thanks for any input!
Unfortunately, no. However, we are doing some exhibitions this year to get a taste of what competing would be like. Hopefully next year, my band will start competing...that is my director's goal. UNfortunately, I wont be there to be a part of it. I noticed in one of your posts that yours is competitive? What is it like?
T And F you have no shot...ha ha jk...I am a member of the USCGA Helicopter Parents group and I will put a good word in for ya.

I think the other dude is pulling your leg...competitive band...ha ha that credential will get you the second tuba in the Swab Summer Band.

It's all good folks I'm off my meds.
Copy and paste that first paragraph into the essay question...I'm sayin' your in...but what do I know?

Ha ha I was at the CGA yesterday and there's no better place on a sunny Saturday with 100's of USCGAHP's in the house.:wink:
Move over Steve, you've had the avatar for long enough. That award from Yale MUN is old news...there's new sheriff in
Ha ha I was at the CGA yesterday and there's no better place on a sunny Saturday with 100's of USCGAHP's in the house.:wink:

Yes, a beautiful sunny Saturday ruined by a bad half-back option play. :unhappy:

J/k :thumb: It was great seeing my 4/c (20+ pounds lighter than R-Day!), getting a tour of Chase, seeing the SCANTS in Yeaton Hall, and getting him of out of there for two nights of liberty. (Of course, necessary runs to Best Buy, Staples, and Walmart were on the agenda).

Chinese food in the hotel room on night #1, and a relaxing dinner in Mystic on night #2 (WOW, is that place PACKED on Saturday nights!) before a long drive back home this afternoon.
I know that no one can tell me whether I am in or not but I would like some advice.

  1. Pass your PFE with the highest score possible. Shoot for 200 points.

  2. Take your DODMERB physical as soon as possible to give yourself the most time if you have any remedials to clear.

  3. Relax and get ready for a thick white envelope to arrive around Dec 15th. :smile:

  4. Enjoy the remainder of your senior year without worrying about the next 9 years of your life.

Ditto to what Luigi suggested, particularly numbers 1 and 4. If you get under 200 you'll be on Level 1 remedial PFE, so try and do as well as possible. Level 1 isn't a huge deal but you don't really want to be on it (mandatory morning workouts I think) regardless. I believe 250 is a blue star, which will get you a long weekend.... which you will want.

Enjoy your senior year.
250 is a blue star... really... hmm, gotta get my score up a few points for that
But yeah, you have to keep abouve 200 on the PFE or you will be put on redemial.. and if you can't pull it off redemial in a year or so, you get the boot. (i think, don't quote... i'll look it up if i have some free time)

but it seems like you have a very good chance to get in (don't get cocky though), keep in touch with your admissions officer.

so you did aim, good job, but trust me on this one... swab summers is a little harder but can be done, esp if you prepare.
since you did aim and all i guess you know about holding the water canteens etc.....
you saw us and all doing swab summer, just remember to take it day by day
and the first two weeks or so are made to be esp hard... just remember that it is a game/test... and most cadre don't like doing it themselves and you can tell that they get sick of doing it (thats why they hate it when you screw up because they "Have" to yell at you etc....)

practice those holding muscles at home along with running (long distance)
memorize lots of that indoc because it will buy you spare time in the future.
and don't slack on your grades (esp calc and chem) because you have to be good and FAST here with your work as you don't get much time to do it.

mainly, i think all you would have to worry is about the PFE. Your math would be fine if you got the SAT up a little, but seeing the AP calc and all with that GPA looks fine (i don't trust the SAT's anyway)
Thanks for all of the advice! I really appreciate it! I am trying my dest to enjoy my senior year, its a little hectic right now. By holding the water bottle I am assuming you mean "Water Bottle Tours?" We did a couple of those for some reason or another...that was particularly painful. Swab Summer did look hard but I know I can do it if I just put my mind to it. I do have another question though, I have done track for three years but this year I feel like I want to try another sport. Would it look bad if I tried another sport this spring instead of track?
I would suggest cross country ;)

go for endurance on everything, you'll need it

i would suggest some swimming on the side as well
but don't over do it, because you really don't need to work on that

oh, and do some weight lifting,... .pushups and all as well... as previously stated... the new standard is everyone must have above 200 on the PFE, there is no more 4/c getting 165, 3/c need 175 or something.... 1/c needing 200....
now its all standardized..
TF I would be careful about a major sports shift..kind of shows a dilletantish side if you get my drift...just thinking out loud but I have this feeling you'll be in the house next July.
BTW congrats to the young lady who won the award this week for highest MPL at the Academy Class of '09(the class the stars are going to fall on.):thumb:
L59 this is why I am my ex, you always want to "top" me...perhaps I should rephrase that...haha jk you are the new and future "me" on here I'm thinkin...:cool:
L59 this is why I am my ex, you always want to "top" me...perhaps I should rephrase that...haha jk you are the new and future "me" on here I'm thinkin...:cool:

No, Master Yoda, not top you. Only clarifying the answer. :wink:

Just conveying our mutual enthusiasm about USCGA and about this young lady's excellent choice to excel there. :thumb:
Thanks everyone! All of this advice has been really helpful. Its only the third week of school and I already feel like I am breaking down. Ive gone from 8 hours of sleep a night to about four-four and a half, plus all of the ECs im doing, plus SAT class and then I got some bad news two nights ago. My mom was diagnosed with MS about a week ago...and well, lets just say its been a little rough at home. So if you guys could just pray for my mom (or if you dont pray...send some good thoughts) that would be great.
Getting into the academy

I wish you and your family well......and please consider these words of advice from a parent of 3 teenagers (one at the academy) and a college teacher with lots of experience.

You do need to excel in HS to get into the Academy, but it seems like you already are. Don't "pile it on". Simply do the best you can do. Quantity does not replace quality...and you don't have to be perfect! You don't have to do everything, you just have to show you have the capability, drive and smarts to get into and out of the Academy. It seems like you already have don't beat yourself up in high school. Take a proper selection of advanced courses, some (but not every) extracurricular activities, retake the SAT, get some sleep, and balance your life. And please remember, that whatever happens, there is nothing...Nothing...NOTHING.... more important than your family. So take care of yourself, take care of your mother, take care of others, and usually, the world will take care of you. :thumb:

good Luck

Agreed and my prayers and wishes go out to you and Mom.

It's a long tough slog that doesn't get easier as it progresses. But I believe you have the strength and character to prevail. Good luck! :thumb: