Chances? (Yes this has been overdone)

Hi everyone... I'm really worried about my CFA score because I did really really poorly. I got a 154 (30 pushups / 66 situps) but i did really badly on the run. :mad: I'm in good shape, but i had an off day and i really wasn't feeling well. I know there's no excuse for my poor score on the run but I was wondering if this is going to severely hurt my chances. Obviously I don't have any time left to take it again and I'm still not feeling great still. Oh and by the way, I'm a girl. Thanks for any input on how this will affect my chances.:frown:
Is the run included with the 154? Because if it isnt, I dont think that that is to bad of combined score of just the two categories. Do you mean the PFE? Im a little confused when you say the CFA?
CFA is for the other academies I believe...and I would NOT do the run indoors.:eek:
Haha Unless I absolutely have to, I am avoiding running indoors at all costs. The weather is looking better today...the sun is actually outside! I looked up the weather and the time when I am supposed to run is like 17% chance of rain and 30 mph winds! Should be interesting! Thankfully, I only need at 13:10 on the run to get 200 points...I am shooting for 12:30 and under though!

I got an 11:56 on the mile and one half!!! I am so psyched!!! I feel a little dizzy right now but I beat my goal and I did it with the wind against me for 250 meters each lap!! I am so psyched!! One step closer!!

Final results!!

Push-ups: 36 Points: 81
Sit ups: 70 Points: 70
1.5 Mile Run: 11:56 Points: 62

Total Score: 213!!!!

Thanks! I overnighted my application on Thursday so it was supposed to get to CGA by noon yesterday. Only thing is, the receipt I had where I could go online and track the application through USPS was misplaced so I have no idea if it got there or not! Its actually making me a little nervous...
Check your personal "Lack List" at the USCGA website. It shows you what has been received.
Seems like I worried for nothing lol Turns out my mom took the receipt with her to check on its progress while she was at work and didnt tell me! I almost had a heart attack! I got the receipt and tracked it online! It was delivered yesterday at 11:01 am! Sweet!
Check your personal "Lack List" at the USCGA website. It shows you what has been received.

The Supplemental forms ahve not been "grayed out" although we did get a letter saying they received her completed application... I sent the supplemental forms UPS overnight and they received them the 23rd of October, so I know they received them...

my daughter got a 191 on her PFE. :)