Change of heart


Dec 16, 2016
I got an offer of appointment to USMA and USNA. However, I received USNA first and was so overjoyed, I accepted it right on the spot. I didn't think that I would receive an offer from USMA but I got one 6 days after receiving USNA's. That's when I decided to really think about it and consider which academy fits my desires more for commissioning. I finally decided USMA so should I email USNA letting them know I have changed my mind? What is the proper way of informing the academies? My 7th semester is also a little weak compared to my other semesters, so is there a possibility that USMA might not want me anymore? I already sent in my 7th semester to USMA a couple weeks ago and nothing happened. I got all A's and two C's (in AP Physics 2 and AP Calc BC). Any advice would be appreciated?
The grades will be fine. Stay solid this last semester though.

If you are 100% certain on USMA then I think emailing is acceptable notice. Be thoughtful and respectful, but be sure to end with, GO ARMY!! BEAT NAVY!!
A few year's ago, we had a friend decline USNA. They had to sign the back of the appointment, declining it, and mail it back.
Does USNA still require you to return the appointment?
I do not know. I have no declined it yet so I will see... I never heard of this happening though.