Chicken Pox Vaccine


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Apr 3, 2007
I see on the pre-admission Immunization Record form that a vaccine is not required if physician can document a history of the disease or you have and antibody titer. Since my son had such a pronounced case at age 3 or 4 I did not take him to the doctor. I found out today I can get the titer with a physicans order from a diagnostics lab. I am assuming that all I have to do is attach the report to this record and have the physician initital in the notes section. The ordering physician is not the same as the immunization office. Question is would be be advisable just to go ahead and get the immunization even though he has already had the chicken pox? I know this would be quicker.

I understand the test only takes a couple of days so hope we can still get all those papers back in the mail by next week.
This really isn't a DoDMERB question, DoDMERB does nothing with the immunizations, thats all done by the admissions office and the medical clinic at the service academies. I would suggest that you contact the admissions office and they can put you in contact with the people who could give you the definitive answer
My son had the titer instead of the immunization per our doctor's advice. We were in the same situation as you guys in that he had them at age 3, thanks to older brother, and no documentation from a physician.
My son had to have the titre for varicella (he had chicken pox at age 4), done in the doctor's office and sent off to a lab. He got the results three days later, when he had his TB test site checked. The titre levels were too low so he had to go back the next week for the first chicken pox vaccine and then back again one month later for the second. His pediatrician was nice to arrange for the vaccine to be available, his office usually does these vaccines in clinics only once or twice a year. It took five weeks to get the whole immunization form completed. He will have to get the six month booster for Hepatitis A at West Point. Be sure to check, double check that the form is completely filled out! The nurses had forgotten to fill out the TB test results, so again, one more trip to the office...I kept two copies, the doctor kept one, we sent the originals to West Point.

Do not have the chicken pox vaccine done unless your candidate really needs it. The nurse warned my son that it really stresses the immune system. He got a bad cold four or five days after the second shot. Plus it takes a month to get the vaccine done.
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