Clarification with the Nomination Process


Is it possible to send out a nomination request and then update information by forwarding it to their respective office? (Ex: Retaking the ACT and scoring higher and then forwarding the information to your MOC). If it is possible are there deadlines and are those deadlines different with every MOC? Finally, is it better to wait for the test results rather than forwarding the information (if it's possible).



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It all depends on the MOC. They can use any process they want or sometimes, it seems, none at all. I'm confident most will allow you to update ACT scores but there are undoubtedly deadlines which will vary with each MOC. So, consult your MOC when it's time to apply.


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Each MOC has his/her own deadline. Also, each has his/her policy on updating the application package -- i.e., some will accept additional information after the deadline; most will not. You need to check with each MOC regarding his/her policy. Whether you should submit new scores before seeing them depends on your MOC. If they "superscore" (take the highest scores), there's no disadvantage in doing it. If they consider each score, you might not want to submit until you see whether you've improved.

Assume you're asking for next year. Obviously, at this point in this admissions cycle, MOCs won't be accepting any new information since their nominations are due to the SAs by Jan. 31.


As @usna1985 said, assuming you're asking for next year, but definitely check each nominating sources' application package for this year. For our three MOCs, nothing changed in the packets from last year to this year--so our DS could work on the questions in advance. But it was also clearly stated in the instructions of two of the packets that as long as you had scores on file with them prior to their deadline, you could update your scores before the end of Nov.


DS has also updated MOC regarding his medical status for each academy. It allowed them to reorganize their lists, give candidate number 11 a chance, and actually give DS an advantage to the SA who issued him a medical waiver.


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I retook my ACT's and send the updated scores to my MOC's offices by calling them, emailing them, and officially sending them to show my dedication and drive. I think this was the only part of the application that I was able to update. It all depends on the MOC though, and I would call and ask.