Class attendance during school year


Apr 2, 2016
Are AF ROTC cadets permitted any ROTC class absences for non medical/non military reasons during college school year in their first year/s (prior to POC)?
Just determining what limitations will be on my DS when he signs up for ROTC (non scholarship - no contract - 3 year plan) so that we fully understand DS commitment. In his past college year, DS has had some sport events that have required him to miss class due to the timing of them.
DS states that at his AFROTC detachment, they simply follow the 20% rule, which means you can't miss more that 20% of the classes for any reason
In any case he'll need permission each time he will be absent. At least that's how it worked in NROTC. I can't imagine AFROTC is any different.
When I was in AFROTC we were allowed 5 absences per semester, we still had to informed cadre though. These 5 also didn't count for excused absences such as school/professional./medical related absences