1. S

    Sports and Role in admission chances

    I am a current Freshman, Ik that varsity sports is something that is loved to be seen in one's application to USNA or any of the SA's. I currently do Wrestling (JV1) and Track(JV2). Instead of doing Track next year, to push for that Varsity Letter and a shot of making it to...
  2. ABridgeNotTooFar

    Change in sports - too late?

    I’ve recently began my sophomore year of HS playing no sports at all. Compared to my previous year, where I ran XC and Winter Track, I have decided to instead play volleyball in the spring and dedicated the fall and winter to studying and EC’s. Volleyball is a completely new sport to me with...
  3. ChickenNuggets

    Advice on Extracurriculars/Sports

    Im a hybrid homeschool high school sophomore and I have a list of extracurriculars/sports that I am doing and plan on doing. I would like some advice on whether or not they are good options or if I am missing out on some better Extracurriculars. At my school, I’m currently doing “Servant...
  4. Mei_Mez07

    Class of 2029 Applicant: Extracurriculars

    Hello! I'm Mei and I really want to apply to go to the Naval Academy. I am currently a junior in high school. I want to study chemistry at the Naval Academy, and after serving my 9 years in the Navy I hope to go to medical school to be a doctor for the military (probably something with trauma...
  5. C

    Additional Extracurriculars?

    Hello, I'm currently a sophomore in high school, and while looking at my current accomplishments, my extracurriculars (including sports), seemed a little thin. This is my current list: Freshman Year JV Wrestling MMA (Not school-affiliated Sophomore Year JV Wrestling, season got cut short...
  6. J

    Skipping Spring Sports Senior Year?

    I have recently been offered an appointment to USNA co ‘27, and I am wondering if I should abstain from playing lacrosse senior year of HS. I tore my ACL last Spring playing lacrosse, and am worried that it could happen again, which would cause me to lose my appointment. I’ve been going to...
  7. U

    Senior Year Sports Inquiry

    Hello! I have posted previously once on this forum regarding my application and ECAs. Currently, I'm stuck between pursuing the following athletic sports next year. - Joining Swim and Lettering - Joining XC and Track with a much signficantly lower chance of lettering (XC and Track is EXTREMELY...
  8. makushin

    Athletics' effect on admissions

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school, running XC and TF. I'm about 20 seconds away from a semi-competitive mile time for NCAA D1. I'm am also part of two honor societies, volunteer for the Salvation Army regularly, participate in a leadership position in the Sea Cadets, am two years ahead in...
  9. C

    Sports Requirements?

    High school Sophmore here planning on applying to USMA next year. Looking through the class profiles, I noticed that nearly every cadet in the class of 2020 (1,200 out of 1,210) participated in a varsity sport. I've been doing martial arts (BJJ, Taekwondo, Shotokan, Jeet Kune Do, and other arts)...
  10. I

    Sports vs Extracurricular during Covid

    I have posted before about sports being affected by Covid, but being in a big city in California, it is hard to participate in sports. It is especially hard for me as if I get it, then my mom could have a possibility of being affected immensely as her immune system is weak due to her...
  11. BeastHunter

    Are sports necessary to be considered for the academy?

    I'm a high school student who's a junior, and I was wondering if participating in sports is helpful for being accepted at the academy. Please let me know if this is the case. All help is appreciated
  12. I

    Sports Advice due to Covid

    Hello. This is my first post on this forum, but I have been reading a lot trying to seek advice. As a Junior in High School, Covid had a really big impact on schools, especially sports. I was in my freshman year when quarantine started so sports were out of the question. I did do cross-country...
  13. V

    Candidate Questionnaire and Application

    Since the submission of my application (Dec 28th) I have been participating in varsity track. After meets, I have been updating my recruiting questionnaire with some of my progress. I was wondering if the questionnaire is reviewed with my application, or if it is reviewed upon submission? If...
  14. L

    Club Sports

    Recently, I received an appointment for the USMA class of 2025. I have been very excited and thinking a lot about the opportunities that I will have at the Academy. Lacrosse has been a big part of my life and I have played all through high school. Unfortunately, I am not at the level to play...
  15. twoducks

    Are Sports at USMMA Mandatory?

    I remember reading somewhere that USMMA students are required to participate in sports activities during their time on campus. Is this true? Thank you!
  16. twoducks

    Most Entertaining Sport to Watch?

    Watching sports, personally, is unamusing. You name it- football, soccer, or swimming, to name a few, consistently fail to rouse my interest. Every four years, however, I put aside my biases for one special occasion. Lo' and behold, the Olympic Curling Championship. Intense as it is...
  17. MrSTOCK

    CAR Question

    I am currently filling out the Candidate Activity Record form, and I had some confusion so I will list out some questions. If anyone can answer these, or link a thread that provides an answer, that would be great. ~ I have been weight training for 5 years outside of high school, is there any...
  18. tpaine7

    Marine Corps PFT Training/Fall Sports

    Many of y’all have seen me on here before, rising senior, applied for the NROTC MO scholarship, etc. What I found out regarding my states fall sports plan is a bit unsettling. I’m on the varsity football squad, but learned that the season has been suspended indefinitely with all other sports...
  19. T

    Extra Items beyond Checklist?

    Are candidates allowed to bring anything else besides what is on the checklist? Religious Reading Material? Sports equipment/cleats? Sticky notes?
  20. V

    Am I a Competitive Applicant for USAFA?

    Hi! I've been looking into applying to USAFA for quite some time, but it's kind of hard to judge my own performance and credentials, so I was hoping some people from here could give me some advice as to whether or not it's worth it to apply. And thanks to anyone who does! So, I'll start by...