Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

Thanks, Boozebin. I figured there wasn't a definite number. Just thought I'd check to see based on historical accounts!
My DS he got TWE MID April the world came crumbling down but his plan B worked out MO ROTC Scholarship Tier 1 at George Washington University. May 22,2014 he received a letter of Appointment via his Portal from USAFA. My DH who is a USNA grad was also very surprised by the unexpected Appointment considering my DS got a TWE. DS IS 3Q and his lifelong dream is to serve his country he is now at USAFA CLASS of 2018. As a Mom prayers were answered DS is very happy with his decision this is what he told me in his recent visit," Mom I met my lifelong friends in my first year at USAFA. I know they will be there for me when I need their help and definitely I will also be there for them as well."
1. Juvat (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, FL-21
2. Navydad1971 (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, MD-5
3. KTMDad (DS), Appointment, 24 Oct, Presidential, CA-04
4. RckyMtnKP (DS), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, CO-5
5. Gator19, Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, AL-01
6. Mbleykhman (DD), Appointment, 19 Nov, Senators Nomination, IN-5
7. keseabolt (DS), Appointment, 19 Nov, MOC, GA-09
8. PNYRN85 (DD), Appointment, 12 Dec, MOC, NY-17
9. HSmadi (DS), Appointment, 12 Dec, MOC/SenatorialPrincipal, AZ-08
10. averyc (DD), Appointment, 12 Dec, MOC, GA - 07
11. Target2019, Appointment, 20 Nov, JROTC, FL-08
12. bpoythress, Appointment, 20 Dec, Congressional Nom, AL-06
13. W TX DAD, Appointment, 9 Jan, MOC, TX-11
14. got_milk, Appointment, 9 January, MOC, TN-06
15. rolson2015, Appointment, 15 Jan, MOC, IL-17
16. edutech (DS), Appointment, 20 Dec, MOC, PA - 09
17. cookbook94 (DS), Appointment, 27 Jan., Senator Menendez, NJ -2
18. matt96ss, Appointment, 29 Jan, Congressional/Presidential, FL-13
19. robnbay (DS) Appointment, 29 Jan, Senatorial ranked alt/MOC Principal, AZ-9
20. mnmom94 (DS) Appointment, 29 Jan, Congressional, MN-4
21. MuricanFalcon Appointment 30 Jan, LEAD Program
22. AmenToThat Appointment 30 Jan, LEAD Program
23. mdzcpa (DS), Appointment 30 Jan, Senator Stabenow, MI-9
24. mzach, Appointment 30 Jan, PA-12 Congressman Rothfus
25. proudmom19 (DS), Appointment 3 Feb, NJ-05 Congressman Garrett
26. tle, Appointment 03 Feb, CA-17 Congressional
27. 1008brian
28. ajkim97
29. Shellz (DS) Appointment, 6 Feb, MOC, CA-49
30. Chs-mom (DS), Appointment, 6 Feb, Principal Nomination, MOC, SC-01
31. jaas (DS), Appointment-Jan, MOC, NC-05
32. dorado.soldado, PREP, LEAD Program & 3 Congressional Nom, NH-01
33. RogersCO'19, Appointment, Jan 31, Congressional Mom, Child of Disabled Vet Nom, AL-05
34. RoyalDutch, Appointment, 13 Feb, MOC, WA-03
35. MTNFOX, (DS), Appointment, 13-Feb, MOC, CA-46
36. Grizzly, Appointment, 12 Feb, MOC, WI-03
37. Ryan Yoo, Appointment 13 Feb, MOC
38. Ford, Appointment 20 Feb, MOC, NY-25
39. keepcalm&carreon, (DS), Appointment 20 Feb, MOC, CA-49
40. Sunday Silence, (DS), Appointment 20 Feb, MOC KY-02
41. Friesian101, Appointment 20 Feb, Senator Nom, WI-05
42. ebotterb3, (DS) Appointment Jan 31, Congressional Nom, PA-11
43. MelissaLeigh, Appointment 20 Feb, Congressional Nom, KS-04
44. CA_Falcon_Dad, (DD) Prep-MMI, Appointment 20 Feb, Congressional Nom, CA-04
45. zktkno14, Prep-NMMI, Appointment 20 Feb, Congressional, TX-12
46.wiscogirl, Appointment 12 March, Congressional and Presidential, WI-03
47. Malou, (DS) Appointment March 12, Congressional, MP
48. Falconchic's DD Appointment 12 March via MOC notification, Congressional and Presidential, GA-9, portal update 19 March
49. Hokienutz (DS) Appointment 29 January, Principal Congressional Nom, MOC, VA-05
50. NLmom (DS) Appointment 13 March via MOC notification, IL-10
51. Panini (DS) Appointment 13 March, CA-28
52. USAFAmom-USNA-wife-WV Sneeringer (DS) Appointment 13 March via MOC notification WV-02
53. Space2Bmom (DD) Appointment 13 March, Senator nomination, NM
54. SemperFi2019, Appointment 13 MAR, Presidential, IL-06
55. 250scp (DD), Appointment 13 Mar, Senator Burr, NC
56. vshun (DS), Appointment 13 Mar, Senator Warner, Congressman Wolf (VA)
57. Tribe2015 (DD), Appointment 13 Mar Senator Donnely IN
58. Rhawaii15, Appointment 13 Mar, Senator, Congresswoman, HI
59. Rchcpa (DD), Appointment, 13 March, MOC, FL-18
60. UMDTOUSAFA?, Appointment, 13 March, MOC, MD-08 (call, no portal update)
61. Dad55, (DS), Appointment 13 Mar, congressional/2 senatorial, MS-02
62. SA'19, (DD), Appointment 13 March, congressional, presidential, AFJROTC, (call, no portal update)
63. Hopefulinco18, (DS), Appointment 13 March, Senator Nom, CO-05 (call, no portal update)
64. wildblueyonder, Appointment, 13 March, Senator nomination, FL-12 (call, portal update on 3/19)
65. hopefullcadet2015, Appointment, 13 March, Senator Stabenow, MI-09 (call)
66. KeepCalmand... (DS), Appointment 16 March, MOC notification (call, no portal update), Congressional and Senatorial Nom, OH-1
67. SNF6, DS Appointment 16 March, MOC notification (cell phone call to DS at school), MS-1
68. Ramstein USAFA, (DD) Appointment 13 March, Senator Feinstein & MOC CA-04
69. PeterK, Appointment 16 March, MOC notification (voicemail from congressman), KY-2
70. CharlesT, Appointment 13 March, Congressman Issa, CA-49 (call, no portal update)
71. Kent2015, Appointment 16 March, Congressman Mica, FL-7 (call, no portal update)
72. Hulagirl, Appointment 16 March, MOC notification, GA-12 (call, no portal update)
73. Iowa 73 (DS), Appointment 16 March, Senator Harkin (Ernst), IA-02, called today
74. Badger, Son, Appointment 16 March, Congressman Paul Ryan, called today, no portal update, WI-01
75. Hodge, Appointment 17 March, Senator Kirk's office called, no portal update, IL-04
76. Eryan456, Appointment 13 March, Congressional nomination, call- no portal update, WA-01
77. USAFAMOM'19 (DD), Appointment, 17 March, Presidential, MOC and Senator noms, MOC called, no portal update yet, TN-06
78. a1cdustinator, Appointment, 18 March, LEAD, Commander Called, no portal update
79 Walk54 DD, Appointment, 16 March, MOC called, no portal update, Oh-15
80. afmom2 (son) MA, Appointment by phone 12 March by MOC, no portal update
81. npak97, Appointment, 13 March, Senator Kaine, MOC, VA-10 (call, no portal update)
82. USAFA2019 (DS), Appointment, 16 March, Congressional/Senatorial, MS-01
83. Cayden Sparks, Appointment, 18 March, Senator Roy Blunt (phone call no portal update)
84. Mltryfam4gen (DS), Appointment, 20 February, MOC, CA -25
85. Jeep17, Appointment, 17 March, Congressional nomination, AK (call, no portal update)
86. ngpiro, Appointment, 19 March, Senator and Congressional Nominations, MD-01
87. 2019 mom, (DS), 19 March, Congressional nomination, NY21- no call, portal update
88. ab11 (DS), Appointment, March 19, Congressional Nomination, MA-04 (portal update)
89. USAFA2019hopefu, appointment, 19 march, senator and congressional noms, ny-16, portal update no call
90. sg2019, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, NV-02, Portal update,no call
91. baileydb, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional,Presidential, CO-04
92.HellfromHeaven (DS), Appointment 12 March Senator Richard Durbin, IL Portal
93.GottaFly19, Appointment, March 19, Sen Mikulski, Portal - MD-08
94. Mustang (DS), Appointment, 13 March, Senator Stabenow, MI-11
95. TheKirks (DS) Appointment, 19 March, Congressional (CA-52) Portal Update, No calling
96. MD_Blue Crab (DD) Appointment, 19 March, Congressional (MD-05), Presidential, portal
97. Swimgirl Appointment, 19 March, Portal
98. Jessari Appointment, 19 March, Congressional (MN-01), Senator Franken, portal
99. cpage1715, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, Honorable Kevin Brady, portal
100. oohaeagle, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, Jody Hice, GA-10
101. flyingtiger101, Appointment, 19 March, AFJROTC, CA-50, Portal
102. thatmom (DD), Appointment, 19 March, Senator Schatz, HI, Portal Update.
103. DF-CJG-KS (DS), Appointment, 19 March, Congressional, KS-03, Portal
104. jwest182, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional/Presidential, MO-02, MOC Call, then Portal Update
105. Craigb21, Appointment, 19 March, Congressional/Presidential, PA-6, Portal Update
106. b1driver (DS), Appointment, March 19, Presidential, VA-01, portal/e-mail
107. Eaglemomx2 (DS), Appointment, March 19, Presidential, GA, portal/e-mail
108. bd159 (DS), Appointment, 12 March, Senator Cruz, TX, Portal Update.
109. Cannonball, Appointment, March 19, congressional, no phone call, portal update.
110. USNA 1987, DS, Appointment March 19, Congressional (FL-17), Presidential, Portal Update/email
111. ctkttww's DS, Appointment March 19, Congressional (KS-03), Portal Update
112. Nograde1, DS, Appointment March 13, Presidential, Senator ME
113. thepojoman, Appointment March 13, Congressional (MN-02), Phone call
114. Horatio, Appointment 12 March, Congressional (FL), Portal Update
115. grlruns597, Appointment April 2, Senatorial/Congressional (AL-01), Phone Call
116. DyllanA, Appointment March 12,
Congressional/Senatorial (MA-09), Portal Update
117. sst116(SON) Appointment 31 March, LEAD program, Commander Called. 181st Intelligence wing Indiana ANG
118. MI03Dad (DD), Appointment 12 March, Senator Levin / Rep. Amash (MI-03), congressman call
119. DnLsMom (DS), appointment April 3, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco), Portal Update with email appointment
120. Blueblood1 (DD) appointment 9 April, call from MOC. CA 02.
121. clandyan (DS), Appointment April 10, Presidential/Congressional, TX-21, Portal Update
122. 2agsandaUSAFAwannabe (DS), Appointment April 10, Presidential/Congressional, TX-01, Portal update
123. CandidatePop (DS), Appointment 10 April, Presidential, Portal Update
124. ultimatelife, Appointment 10 April, Presidential, Portal Update
125. UCONNHusk, Appointment 19 April, LEAD, Commander called
126. BigB27 appointment mid March Presidential/MOC Va-04
127. Boozebin (DS), Appointment 15 May, Prep School
128. wannafly18 (DD), Appointment 15 May, Prep School

Updated for wannafly18 they posted on the Prep School part of the forum wanted to make sure their DD didn't get left off the list.