Clubs and sports


Jun 16, 2016
I've been looking around at the different extracurriculars offered at usafa, and I'm pretty impressed with the wide range of opportunities. That being said, how many clubs/sports are realistically possible at a time? Since everyone plays a sport, how much time is left over for clubs? I am interested in team handball, but would also like to take a look at clubs like falconry and combat shooting. Would I be able to try both, or will I have to pick one at a time?

Some clubs are lower intensity and you could reasonably do a couple at the same time, depending on your commitment level. If you are on a competitive team you potentially would not be required to do intramural sports, and that includes non-athletic teams such as debate. That being said, falconry and combat shooting are both try-out based with a heavy commitment. You don't really "take a look," you typically commit to them for your USAFA career. Practice times would interfere and you would not be able to do more than one.
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My son's roommate was on the handball club team and really enjoyed it. He was not a DIV I athlete, so had the time. I believe they went to several OOS competitions, too.

My own son was on the Nordic Ski Team (as was my DIL, who used to post here as, duh, "Nordic Skier." She is too busy now with ADAF and 10 mo old REDHEAD grandbaby :) ), and they traveled all around the country and even to Norway, IIRC. I believe that did take up a big amount of time, but my DS had never done much XC skiing so had to learn the skill. They were both also in the Catholic Choir and did some other things too. I believe my DIL was wing staff for a bit, and squadron commander.

Other son was on the fencing team for 3 years, and did enjoy the relief of a somewhat more relaxed schedule his firstie year.
And just an extra FYI for those who do IC D1 athletics. MOST, not all; but most, still have training of some sort during the off season. So getting involved in club sports and such still isn't very practical. I.e. If you're on the football team, you're still going to have scheduled training for football in Jan-March. There are rules about scheduled practices, but they can still schedule you for strength training and similar. Which they do. So for some sports, even though it's the "OFF SEASON", you may still be involved and your free time to do other club activities may be limited.
Both falconry and the Combat Shooting Team are significant time commitments. That said, even though the cadet schedule is busy, I highly recommend finding a club or activity you are interested in and participating.
+1^ I have talked to several grads who said that even though their club or sport required a lot of time and extra commitment, it helped them maintain their sanity. Other grads have said they wish they had joined a club or sport, including my DH.

DD is in D&B, and it, too, requires a lot of extra time and she doesn't necessarily get to enjoy the holiday breaks most Cadets do. But, she has traveled a lot and to places she otherwise wouldn't have been able to go. That, too, can make it a challenge to keep up with assignments, tests, all the other Academy requirements. But, for her, it has been and is worth it.