College Equivalent for Homeschoolers for Admission Criteria


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Oct 6, 2017
I am a 10th grade homeschooled student taking College courses. Admissions suggest 1 year each of chemistry and physics and 2 years of a foreign language.

Because this applies to high school level courses, would 1 year of College level foreign language and 1 semester of college level chemistry and physics meet the same high school requirement?

According to my College professors, it goes beyond the high school level but I'd like to know if the USNA Admissions would view my College work as meeting the high school work criteria even if the time period is shorter than recommended.
Go to the source-Contact USNA Admissions. Ask them if 1 semester of Physics/Chemistry, as well as 1 year of foreign language is enough.
I agree with Wishful that it would be prudent to check with USNA Admissions. Typically because college classes move much faster and cover much more content than high school classes a one semester college course (3-5 credit hours) is equal to one year high school credit. Therefore, you would need to take two semesters of college level Spanish to achieve the equivalent of two years of high school credit. I'm sure you are a fantastic student since you are already doing college classes in 10th grade, BZ! Just be careful that you can manage the pace and content of the classes your signing up for (due to that all important GPA!). DD got her one and only "B" during dual enrollment from a college professor that frequently didn't align his tests with the chapters he said it would cover…. Grrrr.