Commissioning ANG from AFROTC


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Nov 12, 2017
Hi there,

I’m a cadet in my third year with AFROTC. I’ve seen that we are able to commission into the Air National Guard, but no one is too sure what this process looks like.

My cadre think that I need to seek out an opening at a Guard base and be selected. What if I’m not selected but I still want to go Guard? Do I just get put into an AD slot? Or is it the AF’s job to find a Guard/Reserve slot for me?

I’ve recently started a job that I absolutely love, and I also love the military. I don’t want to abandon my job nor the military and thought that this would be the best path to do both. I’m a sexual assault advocate and it’s incredibly meaningful for me. I also am ready to start a family, as well as go to law school and get my masters in social work at the same time. BUT I still want to be in the military.
It depends on your year group whether you'll be allowed to commission into the guard/reserve. I don't know what the policy for your group is, but likely unless you've seen a specific announcement looking for volunteers to go guard/reserve, you're all going AD. Usually, you will commission AD whether you like it or not, however, you can go guard after your four year commitment.

If you end up being allowed to go guard/reserve, it's YOUR responsibility to find a unit and job.