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  1. B

    Chances of ROTC Scholarship?

    I'm sure a lot of people have done this, but can you give me advice as well? I'm a sophomore in high school and I plan on doing Running Start to finish high school with an AA. (Which is another thing I'm confused about, since ROTC is four years, right? How would that work?) Varsity on swim...
  2. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    Hi all, I was looking at which majors the Air Force considers "technical" (and thus, priority will be given to them as far as AFROTC high school scholarships go). I noticed that there are honestly not many degrees it has listed, in my opinion. My question is, given these majors...
  3. A

    Enlisting after AFROTC disenrollment

    I am an AS300 currently waiting on hearing if I will be disenrolled from AFROTC. My commander said he gave me a Recommendation of 3 on my DD785. Long story short, he just doesn’t feel like my leadership skills are where they will need to be to be an officer next year. I asked him if I could...
  4. R

    Aerospace/aeronautical engineer in military question

    I’ve been interested in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering for a long time and i’ve recently considered the officer military route. I’m about the graduate HS, I’m considering AF and NAVY since they are the biggest in aviation I assume. I’m leaning towards the Navy since I enjoy the ocean. I...
  5. D

    Air force E3 VS E2

    So I'm currently ending my 1st year of college which would make me an e2 if I enlisted. Should I stay in college 1 more year to get auto e3? Or should I just go and start making money?
  6. A

    AFROTC Disenrollment Investigation

    I am currently an AS 300 under disenrollment investigation. I joined in as a crosstown AS 250. I have a 3.8 GPA and a 98 PT score. I haven’t done anything illegal. I am a non scholarship cadet. I am under disenrollment investigation because my Commander feels my leadership skills will not be...
  7. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Scholarship: Tech to Non-Tech. Has anyone done it?

    Has anyone out there in the forum ever tried to switch from tech to non-tech on an AFROTC scholarship? I'm considering asking to switch and would like to hear from some people with some first-hand experience on what I should/shouldn't do when it comes to how I present the idea to Cadre and how...
  8. M

    Getting MBA during ADAF

    Hi all, I'm a current senior in college, ready to commission this coming May. I got assigned as 62E (Developmental Engineer) at Hanscom AFB (Boston!), MA. I'm still unsure if I want to just do minimum service commitment and get out or stay in at do 20+ years. Regardless, I know that at...
  9. M

    Army vs AFRTOC

    im currently leaning towards army but would love to see what the air force has to offer my first choice school has both army and air force. If anyone has any experience with one or the other and their differences and similarities if you could share that down below I’d appreciate it thanks!
  10. S

    Nominations not in time

    My son got a call from Congress man asking why he hasn’t applied for academy? But we didn’t know he got nominated. He tried calling and emailed to follow up after interview but we never got any response back until today and Air Force Academy application deadline was Jan 6th and she mentioned he...
  11. W

    NROTC and AFROTC Majors and Pilot Slots

    I have decided to go to NROTC as a Computer Science and Engineering major at a large midwestern university with hopes of getting a pilot slot upon graduation. I decided to go with this program instead of AFROTC because the Navy has jobs that I find more interesting in the event that I do not...
  12. Air Force7

    Air Force Prepatory School

    Good Afternoon, I was just wondering how you apply to the USAFA prep school? I was going to use this as a backup if I don't get accepted to USAFA. Is it a separate application or does everyone who applies gets considered for a prep school appointment? I plan to apply out of high school. Thanks...
  13. Air Force7

    Air Force Application Review

    Good Afternoon (To all you all in the mountain time zone), I just want to know what kind of things the Academy puts a lot of bulk in when applying. I know they like people who are involved in the community, diverse applicants, and academics but is there any specific examples they look for? Do...
  14. FutureMarine07

    AFROTC Detachment 605

    Are there any cadets on this form who participate in Air Force ROTC at NC A&T? How are the facilities? Are the instructors good? What classes do you take? Thanks.
  15. Z

    DoDMERB Status

    Hello, I'm in a bit of a unique situation and am really clueless when it comes to this but I has a single disqualification on my DoDMERB because I have ADHD. However, I take a prescription that basically makes me perfectly normal and my ADHD does not effect me. The situation is that I'm in...
  16. A

    Enlisted Air Force to USMA?

    I am an enlisted Airman in the Guard and want to attend West Point, my question is regarding the application process. As an enlisted member of the Air Force would I be able to pursue the same routes of admission as enlisted soldiers or are those methods exclusive to the Army? Furthermore, I have...
  17. J

    AFROTC Should I stay In?

    Hello, I'm an AS100 about 4 weeks into the program on a 4 year type 7 scholarship. I'm studying biology as a premed student. The first two weeks I liked the program and was excited about it, although, now I've become totally burnt out and feel like I'm always dreading it. I would like to go to...
  18. S

    Stats/early app/DQ for ADHD/waiting

    here are stats Senior in HS SAT 1520 Math 800 English 720 Weighted GPA 4.2 Non weighted 3.8 7 AP with score 5 Debate club with leadership, HOSA club, Volunteered every summer and every Saturday at NGF to teach kids for last 3 years. Great internship previous summer at CISCO Tae kw kando...
  19. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Flight Name

    Hi Y'all! I am an AS100, Freshman AFROTC Cadet. The Cadet Wing Staff at my detachment has given us some pretty tight guidelines for picking a name for our flights (I'm in Alpha flight): the name needs to match our flight (i.e. start with an "A") and be the name of an inactive/historic Air Force...
  20. N

    Air Force vs army ROTC learning outcomes?

    I want to do either army or Air Force ROTC. I know people say army ROTC has a huge emphasis on leadership, as well as squad tactics and being in the field. What is Air Force ROTC like? How much does it focus on developing leadership? What are the classes and LLABS like, especially as contrasted...