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  1. W

    How is/are the culture/people in the Army?

    I am interested in doing Army ROTC (In part because my partial color blindness narrows my options), but I have heard some very negative things about the Army and the people in it. I have heard that they tend to be not only less intelligent but also are worse people that one wouldn't want to...
  2. W

    I have "mild" red/green color blindness; How does this limit my options for ROTC?

    I am interested in doing ROTC, but I am concerned about my "mild" red-green color blindness. My diagnosis of "mild" red-green color blindess came from an online test, not an official examination. My first choice would be Navy, but I am willing to do ROTC for any branch of the military. I have...
  3. C

    Navy and Air force Careers Comparison

    Hi everyone! I have applied for the class of '25 for both USNA and USAFA in hopes of getting into either one in order to pursue a military career. I've taken quarantine to really look into all the career opportunities available to me after the academy in both branches. I think both academies...
  4. ThePilot18

    AFROTC & International Question

    Hi all, I'm a junior in high school, prepping to apply for an AFROTC scholarship (opens in June). But I will be living in Mexico by then (long story short: U.S. State Dept. reasons, and yes, it will happen). Anyone know how that changes things at all? As in, for the interview, or application...
  5. P

    Should I go Navy or Air Force?

    I have been lucky to receive a direct appointment to USAFA for the class of 2024 and an offer to the Naval Academy Prep School. The extra year at NAPS is not a factor in my decision. I would love to go to either academy, so I am basing my decision on what I will do in the Navy or Air Force after...
  6. E

    Am I qualified??

    Hello everyone, I’m extremely considering the Air Force ROTC program and I’m wondering if any of you could give me a little insight to see if I’m even worth considering for a Air Force ROTC scholarship. Below I’ve listed my achievements and anything I deemed fitting to list: ECs: 4.26 GPA...
  7. F


    I am a HS senior and I want to fly in the military. To keep things simple I know that the Marine Corps has PLC and you can get a guaranteed aviation contract. I also know it is possible to get selected as a pilot with AFROTC. Is it possible to be in both at the same time and choose one before I...
  8. H

    ROTC to Medical School

    I am currently a high school student attempting to plan out my general career education plan. I have been interested in military service for several years now, and am also looking to have tuition paid for through programs of the US military (air force). While I am not opposed to serving some...
  9. H

    Official help please!

    BLUF- I have an FAA class 1 and a current Army flight physical, applying for an Air Force class 1 flight physical. I’m a relatively healthy person who has had past medical issues- tonsils removed, compartment syndrome, shoulder surgery for bursitis, exploratory laparoscopic surgery, etc. My...
  10. R

    AFROTC Chances with no sport and little to show leadership competency? Be honest

    Hi, I am currently a Highschool Junior, looking to apply for AFROTC starting this June. I just recently decided that joining the military was what I wanted, so I am a little late in preparing. I really have nothing to show for athletics, and extracurriculars and volunteer is quite lacking. I...
  11. B

    Chances of ROTC Scholarship?

    I'm sure a lot of people have done this, but can you give me advice as well? I'm a sophomore in high school and I plan on doing Running Start to finish high school with an AA. (Which is another thing I'm confused about, since ROTC is four years, right? How would that work?) Varsity on swim...
  12. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    Hi all, I was looking at which majors the Air Force considers "technical" (and thus, priority will be given to them as far as AFROTC high school scholarships go). I noticed that there are honestly not many degrees it has listed, in my opinion. My question is, given these majors...
  13. A

    Enlisting after AFROTC disenrollment

    I am an AS300 currently waiting on hearing if I will be disenrolled from AFROTC. My commander said he gave me a Recommendation of 3 on my DD785. Long story short, he just doesn’t feel like my leadership skills are where they will need to be to be an officer next year. I asked him if I could...
  14. R

    Aerospace/aeronautical engineer in military question

    I’ve been interested in aerospace/ aeronautical engineering for a long time and i’ve recently considered the officer military route. I’m about the graduate HS, I’m considering AF and NAVY since they are the biggest in aviation I assume. I’m leaning towards the Navy since I enjoy the ocean. I...
  15. D

    Air force E3 VS E2

    So I'm currently ending my 1st year of college which would make me an e2 if I enlisted. Should I stay in college 1 more year to get auto e3? Or should I just go and start making money?
  16. A

    AFROTC Disenrollment Investigation

    I am currently an AS 300 under disenrollment investigation. I joined in as a crosstown AS 250. I have a 3.8 GPA and a 98 PT score. I haven’t done anything illegal. I am a non scholarship cadet. I am under disenrollment investigation because my Commander feels my leadership skills will not be...
  17. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Scholarship: Tech to Non-Tech. Has anyone done it?

    Has anyone out there in the forum ever tried to switch from tech to non-tech on an AFROTC scholarship? I'm considering asking to switch and would like to hear from some people with some first-hand experience on what I should/shouldn't do when it comes to how I present the idea to Cadre and how...
  18. M

    Getting MBA during ADAF

    Hi all, I'm a current senior in college, ready to commission this coming May. I got assigned as 62E (Developmental Engineer) at Hanscom AFB (Boston!), MA. I'm still unsure if I want to just do minimum service commitment and get out or stay in at do 20+ years. Regardless, I know that at...
  19. M

    Army vs AFRTOC

    im currently leaning towards army but would love to see what the air force has to offer my first choice school has both army and air force. If anyone has any experience with one or the other and their differences and similarities if you could share that down below I’d appreciate it thanks!
  20. S

    Nominations not in time

    My son got a call from Congress man asking why he hasn’t applied for academy? But we didn’t know he got nominated. He tried calling and emailed to follow up after interview but we never got any response back until today and Air Force Academy application deadline was Jan 6th and she mentioned he...