Complicated waiver issue. Dont believe I should need a waiver. Doc appt is tuesday.

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    LOOOOOOONG story short. I am prior service who was diagnosed with adjustment disorder through the VA(after separation). I never thought I had adjustment disorder, and I never claimed to. I just knew I was dealing with alot in my life and the VA had me sit down with someone. After I found out my diagnosis I went through the long and painful process of getting my diagnosis overturned. I then paid back the VA what I needed to, and have no diagnosis. After undergrad I applied to OCS and thought I’d make it right through, but didn’t. Was disqualified and just learned my waiver was not approved. Based on the DODI I don’t believe I should be disqualified anyways, but it doesn’t matter what I think.

    Now I am accepted into grad school and am planning on attending, but want to do ROTC as well. I’ve spoken to ROTC program at the school I am attending and they want to go through the medical process. From what I understand OCS and ROTC have different waiver approving individuals.

    I guess the question is, do I even stand a chance? Will the fact that I’ve already been DQ’d result in a permanent DQ? I actually have no diagnosis and never thought this would be an issue.

    Does anyone have any info for me, or anytime I could contact for help? Any connections?

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    Accession standards are accession standards no matter the Commissioning source (e.g. ROTC, OCS, USNA). The fact that you have already been denied one waiver doesn’t bode well for the future, but one thing that may benefit is the passage of additional time. Nobody will be able to fully predict, but I would have a very solid backup plan to pay for grad school in case things don’t go your way again.
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    If you look at the psych standards for enlistment and commissioning, you’ll see language for “history of...”

    Also, was adjustment disorder your only psych diagnosis? No depression, anxiety, etc?

    Usually the provider takes your symptoms and formulates a diagnosis (no one walks into a clinic and asks for an adjustment disorder diagnosis). I’m assuming you communicated a cluster of symptoms that led to the diagnosis.

    I’d request all your session notes through FOIA. I assume DODMERB will do the same.