1. R

    Account Locked

    I mistyped my ROTC password and now my account is locked. I sent a message to the help address, but while I am waiting for a reply, is there anything I can do now?
  2. B

    English and Math SOE Question Help

    Good afternoon, After considering the factors going into my choice of English and Math teachers for my SOE's, I have come to the conclusion that I need an in-depth explanation to the types of questions asked by West point to those teachers. To be honest, I have damaged my relationship with one...
  3. P

    Trouble emailing NROTC recruiter

    I have been having trouble emailing with my recruiter. My recruiter stated that an email would be sent along with many attachments and due to the content included in the email it often gets placed in a persons spam or trash folders. He recommended that I decrease my security settings on my email...
  4. S

    What are my chances/ how can I improve my application

    I’m a rising junior and was wondering what my chances are of getting into WP and what I can do to improve my application. I currently have a 4.05 weighted GPA and an ranked in the top 10% of my class ( I plan on joining NHS this year). I take all honors and AP courses. I am taking the SAT in...
  5. E

    Military Recommendation Question

    As an active duty sailor, I have a question regarding the Military Recommendations. The application states, "Please enter the Last Name, First Name, and Email Address of the Military Official from your Senior or Junior year for whom you want to fill out the USNA Military Recommendation 1...
  6. E

    How to Send an Email to a Chief Petty Officer Who is My Admissions Counselor

    I am currently active duty enlisted in the Navy. As such, my application process is different. My Admissions Counselor is currently a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. I have never sent an email before to a Chief in the Navy. Does anybody have advice as to how the official format might be when...
  7. P

    Any tips on what I should work to improve on?

    GPA - 3.9/4.33 (Taken or will take "hard" AP's before graduation such as Chem, Physics 1, Physics C, Calculus, Psych, United States History, Environmental Science, Human Geography) Act - 33 super score (32 Math/English/Reading, 35 Science, 8 writing) Wrestling JV - 10th grade V- 11th, 12th...
  8. F

    ROTC Packet Gone!?!

    Good Morning everyone! Please help :) I logged on today to check to see if one of my documents had been processed and my entire application was gone. Literally everything. I emailed the help desk but it took so long last time anything went wrong for them to answer that I am nervous they wont...
  9. R

    2nd try after 3 years?

    Hey everyone! Here's a quick background of what has happened since the last time I applied during senior year... I attended a community college during my first semester. I ran D1 jr. college cross country, began studying civil engineering, and began training at an AROTC program 30 minutes away...
  10. R

    AROTC vs. Academies

    I posted about this same dilemma about a year ago, and I have to start with a summary before I get down to the questions. Attending any of the academies was the only thing that I wanted to do the entirety of high school. I had a very competitive application built up, but ended up moving high...
  11. O

    What should i do?

    I have been slacking in my studies as well as my attendance for the majority of this year. Between my job, training, and school; i haven't been performing well in my academics. Not using any of those things as an excuse, but I'm at the point where my GPA is not really able to be changed much...
  12. F

    How Squeaky of a Squeaky Wheel to be?

    I had remedials requested on 04 APR and had everything turned in by 11 APR. I called DODMERB on 15 APR to check out my status and I was told that my packet was with the doctor. How long should I wait to call back? I don't want to be annoying... but i'd also like to make sure that stuff is...
  13. J

    Prior service DODMERB waiver for VA Disability?

    Backstory, tried to go to OCS after undergrad and was DQ'd from MEPS before I had been re-evaluated from VA or before I had any documentation from the VA about my diagnosis. Decided to pursue a Masters and ROTC. I was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder from the VA but was quick to...
  14. J

    Remedial code given. What next?

    I was given R230 which states: DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: Please provide copies (NOT ORIGINALS) of ALL mental health/medical treatment and/or hospitalization records REGARDING $ $$ , to include ALL applicable inpatient and outpatient records including, but not limited to, VA...
  15. J

    Complicated waiver issue. Dont believe I should need a waiver. Doc appt is tuesday.

    LOOOOOOONG story short. I am prior service who was diagnosed with adjustment disorder through the VA(after separation). I never thought I had adjustment disorder, and I never claimed to. I just knew I was dealing with alot in my life and the VA had me sit down with someone. After I found out my...
  16. jroberts2028

    Advice For My Application to USAFA

    Hey guys! I am a junior in high school from Connecticut and I plan on applying to USAFA. This is a list of my current "resume" per say. I will try to be as detailed as possible. I go to a recently renovated school with a block schedule. In total, I have 8 classes split between two...
  17. S

    Help Interpreting DoDMERB Correspondence?

    Hello, I am a candidate for the US Naval Academy with a conditional offer of appointment(LOA). Quite a while ago, I sent in my initial medical exam, and was then requested to send several remedials, which I promptly submitted. Several weeks later, I was medically disqualified for asthma after...
  18. A


    Hi, I'm going to be a freshman in college next year in ROTC at VT. However, currently I'm in the process of enlisting but there's been a problem. I'm trying to get it authorized so I can ship out earlier to make it to tech in time for New Cadet Week. If it works out, it'd be split option with...
  19. K

    just a few easy questions

    This generally relates to ROTC, but wasn't sure where to put it. I'm enlisting this summer to go to Army basic training this summer and AIT next summer so I can do AROTC and go to college, but for basic (even ROTC also): 1. How much running is typically done and how often? And what is the...
  20. J

    Denial options

    I have just received the email stating my status is now denied upon grounds of qualifications. I have my dodmerb complete and my congressional nomination as well. What should I do now?