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Jul 4, 2007
I am just wondering if USMA will send me confirmation of me having completed my file. Do I need to tell them?

When can I assume it will be looked at?
We received a letter from them when the file was complete. Also, you can check on line to view the completeness of your file.
How long after did you receive that letter?

Its been a week and a half, and no letter has come.
It was a few weeks. First he got a letter stating that he was double qualified (they hadn't received the DODMERB results at that time). About a week after that letter he received an LOA. I'd give it 2-3 weeks, then you should hear something, I would think. I believe I read that they meet weekly to review apps this time of year.
Some candidates hear right away and others hear nothing for a long time. Most hear nothing for a long time.

Continue to take your SAT's and/or ACT's and continue updating your file with any new information as your senior year progresses.

If you don't hear anything after your file has been complete for a few weeks then touch base - by phone or email with your MALO.
mom3boys, did your initial letter state that the file was complete (this info should be promulgated on the website), or did it state that he is scholastically qualified? This might be what is confusing midlax.

The majority of what is coming out of the admissions people right now are the LOAs and athletic offers. Remember the vast majority and that their package completion deadline is not until March. An appointment decision cannot usually be made until all the MOCs slate's applications are completed.

Therefore, for USNA, at least, and probably for the other SAs, there is no great sense of urgency to get the files before the board and qualified. Where future inputs such as new ECs, mid year grades, and improved SATs could weigh heavily in the acceptance decision, these records are either not placed before the board or may be deferred until as late as Feb or March.

My supposition is that WP does not send a letter when the file is complete but only when one passes milestones in the selection process, the primary being scholastically qualified.

There is a reason for the agonizing slow wait. For most, however, no news is good news.
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I see the confusion, and apologize for contributing to it! The letter stated that they had reviewed his file and found him academically and athletically qualified. The dodmerb results must have passed in the mail, as we knew he was medically qualified. A week later, we received the LOA. We have been checking both WP and Navy's sites since beginning the process, so we knew where he stood on file completion. He has heard nothing as far as being triple qualified for Navy, but we realize the different SA's do things differently.