Congratulation to Navy Football team!

That's what a game is supposed to be like. Epic battle to the last minute or seconds as it were. Great job Air Force! GO NAVY. BEAT ARMY!
I miss Westin Steelhammer:rockon:
We were at the game, and it was awesome! I have seen many AF vs Navy games, and that was one of the most exciting! Since I am the matriarch of a house divided, it was a win-win for me, but I was very happy for my LT JG USNA grad that USNA pulled out the win, as he brought his high school buddies to the game! It was their first experience of a Service Academy game, and they were not disappointed!

On the fields of friendly strife...
Unbelievable second half by the AFA quarterback, what a competitor! There was no quit in that kid, someone I would want in my squadron.

Not a great second half for the Navy can bet Memphis, UCF and ND are going to watch a lot of film..I doubt they'll even run when they see how much success AFA had throwing the ball in the second half...
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When AF scored with less then 2" I said to my blushing bride, "There's too much time left on the clock". Which, sad to say, turned out to be true. Hard to give up that many points/turnovers on the road & expect to win. Needed a stop & didn't get it, but the team graduated 32 Seniors & as the saying goes, "You learn more from losing then from winning". If that saying is true then the Giants will all be Mensa members by the end of the season!o_O
Too many turnovers...I would have onside kicked also at the end. Need someone in the conference to beat Memphis the rest of the way or we are out of AAC championship game.