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Aug 1, 2006
Great job to America's finest! Congratulations on completing Plebe summer, and I hope that you all do as well as you have done over the summer during the rest of your experience at the Academy, and during your time in the Navy! Keep up the great work, and when you are feeling down, look to your classmates for help and to lean on, and support eachother! Again, Congratulations.
Thanks for the congrats. Looking back on plebe summer, it was actually pretty awesome. We did some amazing things.
The best is yet to come. Not just this year, but the summers and future years. It may sound crazy, but 25 yrs later I remember less about my plebe summer than any other part of my 4 yrs at USNA.

Also, remember academics are key. Chow calls, come arounds, pep rallies all seem critical right now, but nothing is more critical than doing well in your studies. If you don't understand, ask. When you need EI, get it. Do your homework every single night. Spend part of every WE (not the entire WE, just part of it) studying.

You'll do great! If Z and I can make it, you can too! (Sorry Z:biggrin: )
No apology necessary, shipmate. I say PREACH IT! :thumb:

If I had studied instead of goofing off, not only would my USNA experience have been much more fun, but I would have gotten to do the Service Selection I wanted so badly (submarines).

I didn't, and I didn't. Few things in life suck as bad as NOT getting your Service Selection. Trust me.

Learn it, live it, love it. Two of us who have BTDT have warned you. Don't come *****ing to us later if you didn't listen.
The Academic Year has begun!
Talked to my kiddo last night - she was so eager to begin she could hardly wait for the morning.

May God's blessings be on each and every member of the Brigade today as they all begin this journey - culminating in their Commission as an Officer of the US Navy/Marines!