Contacting my Recruiter/Coordinator (NROTC)


HN Brombosz, USN
Apr 10, 2016
Hello everyone! Thank you for taking out your time to read my post.

Last night I finished my online portion of the NROTC- Marine Option scholarship for the college class of 2021. Once I had finished my application and submitted it, i was emailed saying I should contact my Recruiter/Coordinator and that I also had some missing items (Teacher Evals, Transcripts etc.). So my question is, what should I be prepared to answer or discuss when I contact my representative? Should I simply tell him I received an email to talk to him? Or should I be discussing more things off the bat? Also for the missing items, would I ask my Teachers, Coach, and counselor for my evaluation? Or does the NROTC program reach out to them for contact? Any help would be much appreciated.