nrotc marine option

  1. P

    Trouble emailing NROTC recruiter

    I have been having trouble emailing with my recruiter. My recruiter stated that an email would be sent along with many attachments and due to the content included in the email it often gets placed in a persons spam or trash folders. He recommended that I decrease my security settings on my email...
  2. B

    Chance of receiving NROTC MO scholarship co/2024?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to earn the NROTC MO scholarship, as a senior in high school applying to multiple colleges. I am aware that the number of recipients for the scholarship are extremely low compared with the number of applicants (14%), and I am not sure where I stack up with the other...
  3. abbyad01


    I was a recipient of the 2019 nrotc marine option 4 year scholarship. I was awarded the scholarship during the second board review in March 2019. I was declined for the first board that takes place around late November - early December. This post will be for information that I wish I knew while...
  4. K

    Difficult Decision Between AROTC and NROTC MO

    Hello everyone, this past year I applied for both the Army ROTC Scholarship and the Marine Corps National Scholarship. I'll be attending Norwich University in the Fall. My original goal was to work for the Marine Corps National Scholarship only, but I was convinced by my parents that it'd be a...
  5. L

    USNA vs U of Michigan NROTC- Marine Option

    Hi everyone, I have been lucky enough to earn an appointment to USNA with the class of 2023 and also a NROTC Marine Option scholarship to the University of Michigan. Although having to choose is a great problem to have, I am conflicted on which route to select. USNA has been my dream school...
  6. M


    Been selected for nrotc mo and have to complete dodmerb exam in the near future. Wanted to see if anyone had experience with a DQ for GERD. I was diagnosed with GERD about a year back and took medication for a month and haven’t had any issues since. Based off Dodmerb 6130.03 1) History of...
  7. abbyad01

    NROTC MO Scholarship

    just found out today that i wasn’t not selected for the early decision nrotc no scholarship. I was told only 4 people from the south marine recruiting stations were selected. What this means is that the second board that convenes February 11th should produce more selections. I’m still pretty...
  8. S


    First post, though I’ve lurked on here for a long time. I had a quick question about the DODMERB. A few months ago I had the medical exam done for the USNA, and I was qualified, and that was that. I also applied for the NROTC MO scholarship earlier this Fall. About a week ago I got an email from...
  9. M

    NROTC MO Results

    Just heard from my recruiter that’s I got the NROTC MO scholarship. Hard work finally payed off. My stats for anyone wanting to know 1460 Sat 3.9 gpa AP classes Lifeguard supervisor at gym 3 years 246 PFT 14 pull ups, 98 crunches, 20:46 three mile Varsity xc senior year
  10. L

    NROTC Marine Option

    Does anyone know roughly when we will hear back from the first board? They said they began October 30th. I know other branches have already sent out results, but was just curious as to when I'd hear back from the Marine Corps. Thank you!
  11. D


    Already completed online application as well as the officer interview for NROTC-MO scholarship but I’m just looking to see if anyone knows the general PFT score range for the four year recipients. Took the PFT four times, improving each time, and on my last one scored a 246. Breakdown: 14...
  12. C

    Netfocus Login Issues

    I started my NROTC (Marine Option) application last night and decided to finish it in the morning, but now I can't login. I either get a 403 error "Access is forbidden" or it basically refreshes the login screen without an error message. I know that I'm putting my password in right because it...
  13. D

    Finalization Of NROTC App

    I have worked on my rotc application for months now and I am about ready to submit. Any final thoughts or opinions would help: -Marine Option -1460 Sat, 32 Act -4.0 weighted GPA -16% of class -Boys state 2018 -12 pull-ups, 85 sit-ups, 24:15 3 mile run PFT scores could be better so I joined the...
  14. C

    NROTC MO, second chance?

    I applied for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship and was notified that my application was not selected for a scholarship. I had heard that sometimes if you are not selected, you still can be selected after the fact if they have remaining scholarships available. Does anyone know if this is true?
  15. soph4

    NROTC-MO Scholarship Results?

    My SSgt said that the board finished convening this past week. Any idea of when I will hear back? I applied for the last board. I've gotten better PFT scores after training with the poolees at my local RSS but unfortunately it's too late to send my newest scores. I'm starting the process of...
  16. soph4

    What are my chances of getting NROTC-MO Scholarship?

    I am a senior in high school. I have a 4.23 cumulative GPA (3.87 unweighted) and have been a member of the National Honor Society since 2016. I am in the top 10% of my class. I just want to keep my options open because I applied for AROTC and if I don't get NROTC-MO I'll apply for PLC or OCC...
  17. B

    NROTC- Marine Option PFT Score

    I have been told by my recruiter that anything below a 275 is pretty much uncompetitive and a 290 is still incredibly worse than the perfect 300. I used to be higher, but as of right now, I am at a 200-215. Is this too low? Also, is this PFT too low for PLC too?
  18. S

    Waiver Process for ROTC Applicants

    Hello, I am currently a junior in high school who will be applying for the NROTC Marine Option scholarship. As a child I was diagnosed with asthma and was given an inhaler, but I never had any issues and have competed in many sports my whole life. I have talked to my recruiter about this and he...
  19. R

    NROTC Marine Option Scholarship

    I received an email from a local recruiter basically saying that the application for the scholarship should be submitted by the end of september, but I'm not sure if that's just for the October board or in general. If anyone knows that would be very helpful. Also, the email gave information...
  20. 1

    Chances of NROTC MO

    Hi, I just started my application for NROTC MO and I know its a little early but i wanted to have a lot of tie to put my best foot forward and all! I've been working with a Marine Recruiter on my application to make sure I get everything done right. I havent taken the PFT yet but im hoping I...