Contract as a freshman with a 3 year scholarship?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by uwknight, Sep 4, 2015.

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    Hello all, did a search but maybe this question was buried. MY DS has a three year scholarship, and perhaps he is explaining this to me incorrectly or I am just not listening. If given the opportunity to sign a contract right away, instead of waiting till the beginning of his sophomore year, does this mean he starts receiving the benefits i.e. monthly stipend? And if I understand correctly in order to contract he has to pass the APFT.

    So in summary one should contract ASAP if possible?

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    I don't think they can contact until sophomore year unless the school ROTC is able to scholarship them the additional year or half year.

    My understanding from the 3 year winner meeting at DS school is that they are eligible for the $900 if they pass the APFT in the fall of Freshman year but that APFT won't count towards passing to commission, they have to pass again in the spring.

    Again, be wrong.

    ClarksArmy would probably be the best to answer.
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    I suppose anything is possible and I should defer to my Army colleagues here.... but I believe that, unless they decide to extend his scholarship to 3.5 or 4 years, he will be given an opportunity to contract. A 3 year scholarship winner will normally contract at the start of their sophomore year.

    He does need to successfully complete the APFT in order to contract.

    Now, if your son has called you and said they want him to contract now, then there is more digging to do on his part to understand what's going on.

    ClarksonArmy can probably shed more light on this topic.
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    My guess is that your DS is being offered an opportunity to upgrade his scholarship to a 3.5 or 4 yr scholarship. Its possible the unit had additional money or a 4 yr scholarship cadet did not show and your DS now gets that slot. Somewhere deep in the forum is a situation where a scholarship winner was notified he earned a 3 yr scholarship only to be told when he arrived at school that the scholarship was a 4 yr.:jump1: In any event if he is being offered the opportunity to contract early that is great news as one can only get the benefits of the scholarship after they contract. My advice is to have DS contact the HR person at your unit and they will have the full details. Congratulations and please keep us posted.
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    I think your wording is a little off. A APFT for commissioning won't take place til you're about to commission (I think it has to be between 30-90 days of commissioning, forget which). I think you're referring to contracting.

    You'll take an APFT at minimum every 6 months as that is the Army's requirement. In ROTC you'll take them much more often.
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    You don't contract until your scholarship starts. If they are telling him he will contract now then he was upgraded. If they just told him he is ready to contract (passed DODMERB, APFT) then that just means no worries for next fall, other than GPA.
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