Contracting Early for 3 year AROTC scholarship winners

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Bill1899, Sep 26, 2013.

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    Can anyone let me know the advantages/disadvantages of contracting during the first semester of Freshman year. I passed the AFPT so they tell me that I can contract now but as a three year AD winner, I'm not required to contract until next year.


  2. Jcleppe

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    First a question, you are a Freshmen MS1 currently, correct.

    The only way a Freshmen MS1 can contract is if they are a 4 year Scholarship cadet.

    The only way a 3 year AD Scholarship cadet can contract their MS1 year is if the Battalion upgrades their scholarship to a 4 or 3.5 year scholarship.

    Is your battalion offering to upgrade your scholarship to a 4 year.

    If your battalion is indeed offering to upgrade you and have you contract now, the advantages are huge, there really are no disadvantages.

    You would now have your freshmen years tuition paid, book money paid, and start to receive your stipend.

    You are correct, as a 3 year AD you are not required to contract until the start of your sophomore year. The thing is, you can accept the 4 year, contract now, and still not be obligated until you start your sophomore year. If your worried that you would be locked in, don't, you still have the first year to decide if this is right for you even if your contracted.

    If your battalion is offering to upgrade you and offer the contract, jump at this opportunity, there is really no downside to it at all.
  3. clarksonarmy

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    Did a Cadet tell you this, or did the Cadre tell you this Jcleppe is right, if you are 3AD the only way you are getting contracted is if they upgrade, but that usually doesn't happen before Spring semester.

    Let us know, we are all curious.
  4. runslikeajohndeere

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    DS was hoping to upgrade, but we are happy with three year deal offered. Money seems to be spread around to encourage participation and motivation IMO.

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