Could someone please help me?


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Oct 29, 2008
Hello. I basically found out about the academy about a month ago, and it is one of my choices for college. But because I just found out about it, I have to completely change my schedule for my high school years. Could someone please tell me if this three year plan sounds like it could get me accepted?

This year I'm taking chorus at the high school near me. (I'm home schooled so this is the only class I take.) I sing, and I accompany them on piano for some of the songs. I passed both auditions to get into the Florida All-state chorus, but I don't know if I will get to go yet. (They only have room for so many people.) Also, I'm also in the Chamber club. I plan to letter in chorus.

Next year, I'm hoping to take AFJROTC for first block. If I can't do this what would be a good class to take? Plus, I'll do chorus again and swim team. Hopefully I'll be able to letter in chorus and the swim team.

For my third year I'm going to be doing all the same stuff with chorus, plus I'd still like to be doing the swim team and AFJROTC. I'll also be duel and rolled at a community college near me. The classes I plan on taking there are: chemistry, some kind of math, English, and public speaking. Some of that I might end up taking next year, though. I'll also do the SAT this year and hopefully score high. And I'd like to letter in all my high school classes.

For my senior year I'll be work on some of the college classes mentioned above. I wont be in chorus anymore, but hopefully I'll still be in the swim team and AFJROTC. I was thinking I could either work at my movie theatre or teach little kids beginning piano as a job. Which do you think would be best?

I'm also sort of confused about something else. You see, this year is my freshman year... sort of. Because I'm home schooled and I skipped a grade, my freshman year was actually last year, but my mom has always said that when I apply to colleges we will say that my freshman year was this year. Is this all right when apply to the Air Force academy?

Thanks so much for reading all this! If you can, I would really appreciate your opinions on how good of a plan this is, and if I could get excepted if I do everything on here correctly.
Hey there and welcome. I'm not going to answer specifically each area of concern you have, because at the age you are, I think some general answers are better.

1st; There is nothing wrong with being home schooled. Many people at the academy have been home schooled. You still have to pass certain state requirements in order to be classified as a high school graduate. Meet those terms.

2nd; Being you are currently a freshman; in your words, yet you show that you really have 4 more years to go; that gives you a lot of time to get things together. No problem.

3rd; Here is a list of things to do. As a homeschooled kid, there are some things you will need to do extra, because they aren't available to you as a home schooled student.
a) Get really good grades in all the classes that your mom/dad are teaching. Meaning, a 3.85 or above GPA.
b) Because you don't have the capability of doing the IB program or actually taking extensive AP classes in the Home School setting; then start taking any college course at a junior college as soon as you are able to. Usually around your junior year. DO WELL ON THEM.
c) Really important for a home schooled student is to KICK BUTT on the SAT and ACT tests. That is one of the main purposes of the standardized tests. To compensate and weight the differences between different high schools around the country. Forget what the averages are. You have the time to EXCEL at them. Go for a 32+ on the ACT and a combined of 2100+ on the SAT. That should be your minimum goal. You get those type of scores, and anything home school academically related deficiency, will be overlooked.
d) Get involved with team athletics. Preferably at the local high school. Even home school kids are allowed to do sports at the public high school. Varsity letter in it. Excel in it. Have 1 or 2 that you stick with for the entire time through high school.
e) Find ways to do other extra curricular activities. Choir is great. Keep it up. Find other things. Volunteer time; (Get a couple hundred hours in the next 4 years); languages in class; community service stuff; church; ROTC; Civil Air Patrol; Boy/Girl scouts; etc....

If you've got the grades; you've taken advanced classes; they are verified by very high SAT/ACT scores; you have a lot of EC, volunteering, community, etc... And you are very active in athletics; (Preferably team sports that can award recognition like lettering); then you will do fine. Good luck to you. later... mike....
Christcorp forgot what I believe is one of both of our favorite items. Perhaps because it is so far off. The Academy has a program called Summer Seminar and when you are in your Junior to Senior summer you can spend a week at the Academy living in the dorms and get a very small glimpse of Academy life. Something to set your sites on for the future.
By the time you finish, you should be at "AP" levels in your core classes (math, science, history, english, etc). You should try to get through Calc 1, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, english literature/language. I'm pretty sure you can take AP tests as a home schooler (anyone?)

Taking college courses is always a plus.
Yes, you do not need to be "enrolled" in an AP class to take an AP tests- many people just study for an individual AP test on their own and pass them with 4s and 5s.
Good luck!
Thanks you guys! This is all really helpful since I wasn't positive about what activities look good for home schoolers. And nice to meet you. (My name's Haley by the way)

I will definitely start preparing for the SAT then. And hopefully I'll be able to letter in a sport next year.
Academics make up 60% of admissions, so don't neglect athletics, extracurriculars, and leadership positions.
Equal Access Homeschool Sports

Christcorp--you gave EXCELLENT advice for home schoolers!!

Just as a note, though: Not all states allow home schooled students to participate in public school activities. We live in Georgia, and we are barred from any public school activities--classes, sports, music, extra-curricular events and ROTC programs. In some counties, home schoolers are not allowed to participate in AP testing, PSAT testing, etc.

Haley, if you need information on Equal Access laws in your state, refer to the Home School Legal Defense website--they do have information on which states do allow (and to what extent they do allow) home schooled students to participate in public school programs. If you do live in a state that does not permit equal access, then it is a bit more challenging to try to find competitive sports opportunities--but it can be done. (Home school sports programs are expensive, as the parents must fund it and field time is VERY challenging to find, too.) Again, it can be done, just not easily.

Good luck!!
Also, check with local parochial schools about athletics. I coach the track team at my kids school (a Catholic school) and we have three home-schooled kids on the team, from two different families. There is no extra charge for it, other than the regular athletic fee that all students pay.