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Nov 29, 2008
my guidance counselor has told me that the Candidate Fitness assessment is administered at the summer session of the naval academy. She is the only source that indicted this as being accurate-- i haven't come across it anywhere online... is this true?
Yes, we took the CFA at NASS so definitely prepare to do well on it- but don't worry you can take it again. Good luck!
if i did happen to do bad on it there, but took it again and did well later on, would it affect anything? or be the same as if i did well the first time?

is that too confusing? idk how else to word it lol

Depends on how "badly" you perform and how quickly you improve. If the only thing the admissions board has to look at is a failing CFA, it could color their view and, in no event, would you be able to earn an appointment until you pass. If you do ok (passing each event and not doing poorly in any), but not exceptionally well, and you are otherwise well-qualified, it may not hurt you at all.

In any event, for a lot of reasons, you want to show up at NASS in good shape and do well on the CFA there. It's only Dec (as of tomorrow) and NASS isn't until June. That gives you 6+ months to get in shape -- plenty of time. Start committing yourself now to be successful in the long run.
You can keep taking the CFA until your scores get to where they need to be. I do not know for sure but I think perserverence and improvment will go a very long way in defining character and drive. Best of Luck Summer Seminar was a great experience for my son.
I think perserverence and improvment will go a very long way in defining character and drive

They do but, honestly, maxing out on the first try (and staying in shape) is much better.

If this were May, I'd agree with you. 100% But a person can improve his/her fitness a lot in 6 months, if truly dedicated. If USNA is important to you, and you know now that you need to improve your fitness, better to start now than in July.