Culture of your ROTC program?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by USMAROTCFamily, Aug 27, 2013.

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    The thread regarding the culture and "indoctrination" program at a Military College made me ponder what most ROTC programs are really like. I went through ROTC 30 years ago and I will say that I never felt disrespected nor hazed the entire time that I was there. There was no "screaming" for no reasons, no name-calling, no requirements to do menial tasks. We were occasionally yelled at for motivational reasons? Yes, but not in a derogatory way. When I went to our "Summer Camp" at Ft. Riley we were physically tested and mentally challenged, but not in the sense of what I perceive basic training for enlisted to have been. My husband graduated from West Point 30 years ago and what he described his culture there to have been sounds like genuine hazing to me.

    Now that we have a daughter considering ROTC, I'm wondering if things may have changed a bit since I went through Maybe my college's ROTC program was different and perhaps I'm not painting a true picture to my DD of what to expect. It seems to me that perhaps the Service Academies have backed off a bit in what they do now compared to 30 years ago, but again I may be wrong.

    Hopefully, without creating a war here, other's can chime in on what their more recent ROTC experiences have been at traditional colleges. I want to insure we have a true impression of the realities of programs today and if they can vary greatly from college to college.
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    I did more menial tasks at BOLC as an officer than I did in ROTC. I was never yelled at or disrespected in my 4.5 years within the ROTC proram. Maybe SMCs are different but for most ROTC programs nothing that would be considered hazing is allowed.
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    @USMAROTCfamily - My son's NROTC experience matches yours. He is now a MIDN 2/C and whenever I mention yelling or something along those lines at Freshman Orientation he always tells me "That would not be allowed, Dad". They are pushed hard though, especially during Freshman Orientation. Certainly enough to make all question if this is really the place for them... at least during my son's day at Freshman O. I would say all are always treated with the utmost respect.
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    Agree with others and my DS' experience was identical to Kinnem's son.

    Freshman Orientation will vary by branch, unit and school. They will all be different. Each unit has its own personality. But hazing and "boot camp" style training will probably not be experienced in ROTC programs anywhere.

    Students will be pushed physically at times but never abused.

    Upperclassmen are briefed on this subject and the cadre is on the lookout for it.

    This is military training however and it pays to pay attention to detail, report on time, wear your uniform properly, etc. probably very similar to your experiences a few years ago.
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    I can attest that this applies to the life of a new USAF Lt as well.

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