it worth it?


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Jan 30, 2008
If I already attended NASS and spent several days after there with a sport, and have received my appointment, how much help would going to CVW benefit me? Would the information and knowledge gained outweigh cost of plane ticket, travel, etc., considering I have been to the academy, know several midshipman already etc?
My son is going to help him decide if he wants USNA or USMA. He is fairly sure; this will help cement his choice. If you already know you like it, and have your appointment, why not save the money for a trip home next year when you are feeling homesick, or to fly your mom to see you? Just my opinion....
If you are 100% sure that you are going to accept :thumb: your appointment, without any reservations whatsoever, don't go.

If you are 100% sure that you are going to decline :thumbdown: your appointment, without any reservations whatsoever, don't go.

If you fall anywhere in between, go. :cool:
My personal opinion is that you should take every opportunity to learn as much about USNA as possible before you attend. CVW is different than NASS b/c the brigade is actually there (vs. the "pretend plebe summer" of NASS).

If going presents a real financial hardship, you could skip it. But, if you can at all afford it, I strongly recommend going. You'll either be more convinced it's the right place for you or begin to have doubts. In either case, it's time well spent -- lots of upside and no real downside other than cost. You're talking about at least the next 9 years of your life -- how better to spend several hundred dollars.
Entirely agree with usna1985. As an anchor, you will experience "a day in the life" of your Mid. You will get a great briefing from Admissions and the CGO. You will experience your Mids day, including the chopping, rates, chow calls, and all of the other Plebe-centric festivities. You will be able to chat with other Plebes about their experiences and "sea stories". It is the most real life visit that the Academy offers. Highly recommended.
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My Daughter decided to apply to USNA late in the process. She could not do NASS. CVW was the deciding factor. She said it was a great weekend and reinforced her decision to attend USNA. PLEEBEs were great and answered all questions and concerns. She said it was a great experience and strongly reccomends it for anyone considering USNA.
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i think you should go either way..not many get an opportunity like this..for me its a privilege, so i'm taking all the chances i get..i even cleared out my bank account to pay for the trip..i am now officially a broke college student! :shake:
on the fence

S. is planning to attend a CVW on March 24.......flying into BWI from St.Louis...he's got his offer of appointment and went to NASS, which he thought was great....but he's still undecided (a huge decision for anyone, much less a 17 y.o.). We suggested he might consider touring another school he's interested in that same week (UVa) to help firm up his final selection. In the end , it needs to be what He wants and I believe CVW will be a great tool to help him make the right decision :thumb: .

still on the fence

We're now driving to USNA (12 hrs.) for son's CVW later this month......which hotel should I consider(parents)? CVW letter mentioned the Sheraton :confused:
The letter also mentioned parents are welcome Thursday evening for an orientation briefing and a guided tour on this something that we should definately attend , or just slip away after son's check-in ? We don't want to "helicopter":thumbdown:
Never stayed at the Sheraton but I think it is right by the Annapolis Mall so convenient to a lot of stuff. That would make it about 15 minutes from gate one, I think. On Thursday night your son will sign in and then there will be a briefing with questions and answer period. After he is picked up by his Plebe you will get to stay for a parents only question and answer period. Here you will get to ask all those questions that would have provoked an "aw mom/dad. did you have to ask that?" look from your son. You will not see him again until around noon on Saturday so there is no helicoptering involved. Take the tour on Thursday and have lunch in Dry Dock. Go back to the Visitors Center for some shopping. Go upstairs in the Visitors Center and see the displays. I think the Naval Academy Museum is closed for rennovations, if not go there. That's the way we did it last year.