CVW Jan 22


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Dec 17, 2008
Is anyone else going to CVW on Jan 22? I my BGO told me that i received an invite and he asked me which date i preferred however i have not received an official invitation from USNA, any thoughts?
I'm going in February, but I didn't get the official letter until about a week after I set it up with my RD
I'm going in March over Spring Break (26-28). My RD just e-mailed me the invitation but it was the official wording, "Please accept this invite to visit the United States Naval Academy..." but I'm not sure if I will be receiving an invite by mail. Gotta say, it's going to be great to be in Annapolis this Spring.
My son will be going in January. He received his letter about two weeks ago in the mail. I am glad he is going to experience the harsh cold on the water so he will know the weather is not what it was like at NASS.
I'll be visiting the academy in January. Hopefully I'll see a lot of snow. :smile:
Do some parents go as well, becuase i know that my parents are not planning on going.
I will be going, but plan to do some site seeing in the area. Due to the 5-6 hour drive it is not worth it to make 2 round trips.... Free time for mom! :biggrin:
sorry. I'm sort of new to all the acronyms. What's cvw?
CVW is candidate visitors weekend. Its a specific weekend (there are many of them) where "qualified" applicants are invited to stay thursday night to sat. morning at the naval academy to see what the life is really like.
oo right. I got one in september for the fall semester. I couldn't go though :(
Do some parents go as well, becuase i know that my parents are not planning on going.

Some parents do go and stay in the area, doing their own thing for that time.

We did not go with our son. He drove down (3 hour drive), stayed his visit, and came home.

Either way works, as long as the parents aren't LURKING all the time!
There are programs for the parents. There is an Admissions brief where admissions officers speak and usually a panel by Midshipmen where you can ask questions. Following that is a comprehensive tour given by the Visitors center. Been on both the one arranged by Admissions concurrent with CVW and one we booked on our own through the Visitor Center. We learned a great deal more on the one in conjunction with CVW and the tour guides tailored their explanations etc to prospective Mid parents. There really is no opportunity to lurk on your kid as they will be well off in classrooms and the hall where you will not have any glimpse of them.

I personally think that if you can afford it parents also should go as even though the application process should be handled solely by your child, if your child is appointed and accepts the more educated you are, the easier it will be to support your plebe. Admissions wants to make sure the parents are not the driving force however they also want to make sure you are completely onboard and informed.
My parents came. I would recommend that parents do attend as it gave us some common ground when discussion my options. I was not sold on USNA until after my CVW. I found it very helpful being able to talk to my parents, getting their perspective from the parent program and actually also about Annapolis as a town - college town etc.
'Rents and CVW

I went with my son to November's CVW. The opening session is for parents and students. The Friday, they had activities all day for the parents including admissions briefing, q & a session with several mids, and a tour of some of the classrooms and laboratories and a tour of the yard as well.

We had son's app complete, had been up before, yet I still found it interesting and helpful.