CVW significance

Does a CVW have any significance regarding admissions? Not with helping me get in, but as a sign that my chances are good? The firsties I met on my CVW told me that it was a good sign. Were they correct?


If you get 10 responses to this thread, you will probably get 50% yes, and 50% no. I used to think that it may have possibly represented something in the way of a positive indicator, but I have since been assured that it does not.

If you can go however, do it.

Everyone who goes to a CVW, gets a pretty good look at life (at least as a Plebe) at USNA. Some will come away with the idea "This is NOT what I want to do!" while a great many will decide that "This is the place for me!"


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Years ago (as in 10+), being offered a CVW was considered a positive sign that you were pretty competitive for an appointment. However, with the advent and popularity of NASS, CVWs have been expanded to allow those who didn't get NASS for whatever reason an opportunity to experience USNA.

Thus, today it means you are a competitive candidate. However, there are LOTS of competitive candidates. Being offered a CVW no longeris a "good sign" nor does it mean you are on track for an appointment. I've worked with quite a few very competitive candidates who've had CVWs and received turndowns.

Do CVW because it gives you another data point in terms of whether you want to attend USNA. However, don't read too much into an offer.


If you get 10 responses to this thread, you will probably get 50% yes, and 50% no. I used to think that it may have possibly represented something in the way of a positive indicator, but I have since been assured that it does not.
I know nothing. But logic dictates, that Admissions would not waste the CVW slot on someone that is not at least competitive to become 3Q or 3Q already (and they don't tell you if you are, or are not 3Q). But even after you are 3Q, you would still need a nomination. My gut feeling from lurking on this board and reading everything I can, is that even if you are 3Q, you only have about a 1 in 3 chance (total WAG) of ultimately getting an appointment.


My opinion, after reading for years, and having a DS and his friends input, is that it means you are competitive (along with 6k other people). Which is a good sign. It doesn’t give you a plus as far as admissions, but it could give you a negative if you act like a jerk.

There was a lot of discussion this last spring, that candidates were going to be offered NASS, or spring CWW’s but not both. In order to increase invites. And awareness. Think of it this way, you attend, love it and tell your friends about USNA. It increases awareness.

Those are my thoughts, but I’m not from admissions. I wouldn’t hang my hat on having a CWW be an indication of anything other than a chance to experience USNA. And readers who don’t receive one also shouldn’t read anything into it.

The other thing is that your first competition is locally for a nomination.


Stop worrying about whether CVW is an indicator of competitiveness. Instead, focus on the most important thing, which is that CVW gives you an opportunity to determine if USNA is really right for you. Even if you think you’re sure it is, you don’t really know until you’ve spent meaningful time there, in “real world” conditions. If it cements your desire, great. If it tells you that you’d be a better fit at another SA or at a civilian school with ROTC, that’s time we’ll spent also.


I got a laugh when I got an email about one this year . . .

Agree with MidCake 100% and stop using it to gauge competitiveness. I look back at my CVW all the time and remember how cool everything was. It's better than any college visit (didn't go to NASS so can't speak to that).


My son went to NASS. He went to CVW. He got an 'early' LOA. But he still spent 6 long months waiting for a nomination after the LOA. That was when we realized none of those other things mattered without that appointment, which he finally did receive. Enjoy every opportunity given to you, but don't over-analyze. It's not worth the lost sleep. Control what you can control.


I was a "drag" at the August 2019 CVW. It was an awesome experience. Going in, I knew USNA was my #1 but the CVW experience really solidified that in my mind.

Anyways, to answer your question, here are answers from their CVW FAQ site:
"Will attending a CVW help me get into USNA? No. The process to offer appointments to USNA is completely separate from the Candidate Visit Weekend program. We know the expenses to attend a Candidate Visit Weekend can be significant. This expense should be seen as the opportunity to see USNA first hand, not to better your chance of gaining admission...CVW attendance will be transparent in the admissions process."