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Nov 3, 2007
We received the confirmation letter about CVW; however, it does not say anything about an itinerary for parents as far as meetings or info sessions. Does anyone know if there are such events at CVW? My dad is taking my son, and wants to attend if they are scheduled, but wants to hang out w/ his Annapolis friends if there's nothing going on. Thanks!
Last year there was an opening session that students and parents (grandparents) could attend before their host plebe for the weekend picked them up and took them back to Bancroft Hall. It was a basic informational meeting led by the Admissons staff. It was not mandatory for parents as most students made it to Annapolis on their own. But a parent would not feel out of place sitting in. The purpose seemed to be to impress and recruit those candidates that USNA desired to be a part of their institution.
CVW- related question

Son will be attending a CVW on March 27.......How are plebes normally assigned to "drags" ? Will son possibly be paired up with a Navy swimmer, which would be a terrific recruitment strategy ?
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Let me try to answer the above. First, don't know about parents' activities for CVW but here is my advice -- which is worth what you pay for it. :smile:

If you must take your child to CVW, I strongly suggest you drop off your child and not return until he/she is done. CVW is really intended for the candidates, not their parents and this is the first step in letting your child make his/her decision. In my day (yeah, YEARS ago), I drove myself to USNA (from about 50 miles away). I think the first time my parents saw the campus was I-Day. I suppose that, if they offer info sessions for parents (they didn't in my day) attendance is fine. But you're really better off heading to your friends' house in Annapolis for the duration and letting your child tell you all about USNA!

As for matching candidates with plebes, first they match on gender. (Had a really funny thing happen to me in that I was matched with a male plebe b/c my first name is somewhat androgynous; they switched me to a female 3/C during the day but it was funny while I was being "dragged" by a guy.) They also pick plebes who are doing well academically, etc. and try to spread out the pain -- er, pleasure. :smile:

I don't think that, outside of an "official visit" for recruiting purposes, they make much effort to pair you with someone in your sport. I could be wrong, but just setting up the program is logisically challenging enough w/o trying to match interest.
I have been staying away from the site for personal reasons but I can help with this question with experience from last year.

My son had his CVW at on the same weekend as your son, last year. My son had been in frequent contact with the Sprint Football Coach and was assigned to a Plebe Sprint Player as his Drag. I can tell you that if the Academy is for your son, the CVW will solidify the desire. Below is the Schedule that was promugated for the activities last year. I don't know if the activities will be the same given the change in command and direction but it's at least a hint, FYI:


1730-1800 Register/Check In with Admissions Staff
Rickover 102 Auditorium
1800-1830 Welcome Remarks-Don Nelson (Asst. Director of Admissions for Plans and Programs)
1830-1845 Remarks by Brigade Commander / Brigade Staff
1845-1900 LEADERS OF CHARACTER video
1900-1930 Admissions / Candidate Briefing
1930-2000 RD / DAC Question and Answer
2000 Meet Midshipmen escorts/follow midshipmen schedule until 1030 on Saturday Morning


0700-0745 Candidates eat Morning Meal with hosts in King Hall
0745-1145 Candidates attend 1st-4th hour classes with escorts
1000 Capt. Fry holds Parents Forum and Q/A for Parents. Rickover 102
1100 Tour for Parents by Visitor Center Tour Guides
1210 Candidates eat Noon Meal with Hosts in King Hall
1330-1530 5th and 6th Hour Classes
1530-1800 Afternoon Schedule with Midshipmen Hosts
1800 Evening Meal with Hosts in King Hall
Friday Evening Schedule as per Midshipmen Hosts

TBD Breakfast and Saturday morning training schedule with Midshipmen Hosts
1030 Official visit concludes

I had thought that I would drop and drive on but the Thursday evening shindig includes the parents. Be sure to feed your son, and any other foundling, before the 1730 tee off. They get nothing to eat on Thursday. The teenagers seem to have endless capacity for food consumption.

My son experienced the Chopping, Chow Calls, hazing and other, wonderful, plebe-centric events during those two days. The experience is much more "real" than the Summer Seminar. It really is a snapshot of life (or no life) as a plebe. Believe me, the CVW is a deal maker or breaker. The kids get to experience the academics, athletics and professional training that they will, hopefully, see for real three months hence.

Good Luck!
Thanks for the'd think they'd include some of this in what they sent out to my son...oh well.
Captain Fry does a good job with the Parent Brief. Following the Brief we had a tour of the yard that included a bit that the general tours don't - like getting to peak into a classroom etc!

CVW was a "deal" maker for our Mid not Summer Seminar. After SS he did not buy much USNA merchandize, but after CVW the car sticker was purchased, Tshirts etc! (He had his appointment when he attended CVW so it helped him in his decision making process to accept the offer)
Wow! Thanks Subsquid. They don't give this level of detail to BGOs (nor, quite honestly, do they even tell us which of our candidates have been offered CVWs). My info was clearly out of date. :redface:

Things are certainly MUCH more organzied today than in my day and that's a good thing. We were just told to report to CGO early Friday morning where we sat around until our escort showed up. And then we basically followed him/her around for the day and a half. No briefings. No organized events of any kind. If lucky, the Company Officer talked to us for a few minutes during our visit.

The ONLY caution I would have to candidates who read this thread: watching is very different than doing or being. This goes for parades, chow calls, come-arounds, etc. I WATCHED a USNA parade for the first time that I can remember at a recent reunion and it was so amazingly different than marching in one. And, in general (I'm sure there are exceptions), things are more relaxed in Bancroft in the spring -- especially after an A/N victory -- than in the fall.

That said, I definitely agree that seeing the brigade as the brigade (vs. NASS) is extremely valuable and a great opportunity for those who are invited and can afford to attend. It's also a great time to ask all of the nitpicky questions you have -- you've got an entire brigade of experts.