Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

Devil Doc

Teufel Doc
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Apr 25, 2018
Anybody, and everybody, are you interested in a dad joke thread? And I don't mean just dads telling our magnificent jokes but everybody jump in and tell jokes about dads. I'll start.

Not really a joke but I'm the OP. I wore a Dad Joke Champion T-shirt to see my grandsons a few weeks ago. I told them what it said and meant.

Me: It means I have the best jokes.

My 4 year old grandson: Without batting an eye, looked up at me and said, "Tell us one."

I couldn't think of an appropriate joke to save my life. My 6 year old ran off to get a joke book and we spent the next 15 minutes reading jokes.

I taught my boys to always have a "dad joke" at the ready when interviewing. It points to your ability to think quickly when asked, "Tell me a joke." With that said, here is my go-to joke.

Q - Why did the scarecrow win the nobel prize?
A - Because he was outstanding in his field.