Date of first admissions board & LOAs


Apr 17, 2017
I have heard conflicting dates from the admissions office about when the first admissions board is and was wondering if anyone could clarify. The dates I heard from admissions were the first of August and the first of September. Also, does anyone know when the earliest appointments are given? (not trying to insinuate that I will get one, just curious when things start happening). Finally, has anyone heard of a 2022 candidate receiving an LOA already? Because I have heard of some rare cases getting LOAs at NASS, however, I am not sure how that would happen if the first board is in August. Thank you in advance, I appreciate everyone on this forum being so helpful and available.
The first board is usually early Sept, but honestly it doesn't matter. They will get to your stuff when they do. It could be Sept or March. Its not a perfect first in, first reviewed provess. This early an appointment would have to have a Presidential Nomination. LOAs can be given out at any point. I have not seen anyone report an appointment or LOA yet. The admissions board does not have to meet to give out an LOA.
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I heard one person received LOA at NASS last year.
DS finished his application in September.
Received LOA on the first week of November.
Had a MOC interview on the second week of November.
Received his nomination on the third week of November.
Received his appointment few days later.
It is very rare for an LOA to be given to a college reapplicant. Reapplicant files are not looked at until they receive their first semester college grades. Heck, LOAs are rare in general. An LOA is not the goal, an appointment is. Nearly every year we see a candidate or multiple ones with LOAs who end up with no Nom or do not receive a waiver for something medical related. An LOA doesn't get you in the door an appointment does.
^^ I agree. If they got a TWE last year, is seems unlikely their resume would have changed that much to yield an LOA this time around.
Agree time2 100%. Focus on knocking out your first semester classes and networking with your professors to get your evaluations done. If you are doing ROTC go in with an open mind and impress them. If you aren't doing ROTC, keep in shape and grow your network at school with clubs and volunteering.
Appointments prior to late January are rare. Almost always, it's a Presidential nominee with an LOA or an MOC nominee from a less-competitive district/state (i.e., candidate is the only qualified person on the slate) and slate is submitted early.

While the Board is generally FIFO, that doesn't always happen.
Why do most people say not to have a LOA as a goal?

Way too much discussion and emphasis on LOA here-- I'm sure that it feels great to get one, but frankly I don't think most people really understand what it means. It is not "early admission" like normal colleges give, the candidate still needs to meet all the Admissions criteria including nomination and medical. I only recall seeing 1-2 in 15 years as a BGO, and at least one of them didn't get in.
I agree that is it is a relief to get one and heck let's face it, always nice to get the 'heck we want you vibe.' But it is not an appointment. For those of us who have been around this process for years, we know it's not an appointment. Every year we see kids with an LOA not get an appointment due to a nomination or DoDMERB. You take an applicant from somewhere like NOVA, Norfolk, CA or somewhere else ultra competitive, the number of LOAs can be much higher and won't have as much of an impact with a Nom board. It has no impact on DoDMERB. Don't get me wrong the overwhelming majority of LOa recipients do get an appointment, but it's not 100%. An appointment is what gets you in. I always say that there is no special line on I Day for LOA kids. Once you walk thru those doors no one cares about that stuff.
The reason people want an LOA is that, if you then get a nom, you will receive an appointment (assuming medical and CFA ok). That means you don't have to win your MOC slate, just be on a slate, any slate -- or have a Presidential nom. That can be a HUGE relief, especially to candidates in hyper-competitive region where many 3Q'ed kids with noms end out w/o appointments.

That said, there is no magic formula to receiving an LOA. I've had many LOA candidates over the years (fewer in recent years). If you asked me why those who received one did and those who didn't receive one didn't . . . not a clue. IOW, some super outstanding candidates have received LOAs and some super candidates have not. Some of those who received LOAs were, IMHO at least, not as strong as those in the same year and same region who did. USNA clearly has its criteria/reasons but they aren't always apparent to those on the outside looking in.

Obsessing over LOAs is counter-productive -- but many still insist on doing it.:rolleyes:
I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere on the forum but does anyone know of any LOA's given out to college freshmen?
My DD received an LOA as a college freshman. She received it, I think in late January or early February. It was contingent on getting her updated DODMERB form submitted.
USNA1985...what do you mean when you say "just be on a slate, any slate." I thought MOC noms were the only option (besides the rare VP nom, and ones that most candidates don't qualify for such as ROTC, presidential, etc.)
Read the nomination sticky at the top of the page to learn about the different types of Nom slates. The comment about just being on a slate will make sense.
My MID received an appointment dated August 26 for the Class of 2017. There was no LOA - completed application in June and sent in Presidential paperwork at the same time. Accepted appointment, by mail (back in 2013), on August 28. Made for a pretty stress free senior year!!

To answer the next question that will come, yes, a recruited athlete, but not a blue chip one, so I don't think that even came into play, since the coach was astonished to learn from my Mid of the appointment -- earliest their staff had ever seen one given.

To answer the next question -- NOT a 36 ACT score or 2400 SAT score -- pretty much average stat wise for the appointed class, but was a 3 sport varsity athlete, 3 sport captain and all the rest (Honor Society, volunteer hours, etc..).
USNA1985...what do you mean when you say "just be on a slate, any slate." I thought MOC noms were the only option (besides the rare VP nom, and ones that most candidates don't qualify for such as ROTC, presidential, etc.)

With an LOA, you just have to receive a Nomination, from any source (and be otherwise medically and physicially qualified). Most MOC use a competitive nomination process, where they nominate up to 10 people (i.e. the "slate") and then Admissions picks the most qualified applicant. With the LOA, you are the "automatic" winner of the slate, ie. Admissions doesn't have to select you among the other nominees.

There are probably exceptions to every rule, and Lindenau's story is the exception-- earliest I have ever heard. I would surmise a perfect storm of good tickets, early meeting of Admissions Board, and a Presidential nom.