Day after R-Day ... Parent Perspective


Apr 6, 2017
What a great and memorable event. Aside from the obvious emotion and anticipation of handing over your child, the Academy does such a good job of managing us parents. All of the current Cadets couldn't have been more polite and friendly. Any questions were greeted with genuine respect and a well worded response.

The Administration went out of its way to advise and welcome us. They also gave great context on how we should feel and transition as parents.

The final Oath ceremony was the highlight for me. What they accomplished in 8 hours with our kids was amazing. The band and ceremony was perfect.

Those of you who are current cadets or have graduated have my immense respect. Thank you for making R-Day such a memorable event.
I thought these two pieces of information really helped to solidify and summarize the enormous work put into creating a class by USMA and the admissions team. It was truly a great day. My own #3 has already been spotted smiling in pictures by dedicated flickr followers and Waldo hunters. (Thank you. You know who you are and you are amazing.)
It was an inspirational day. Best wishes to all of the new cadets and to America--our National security will rest on the shoulders of these kids some day.


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I am struggling to get GIS map of Cadet home cities posted. It is too large a file.
Good job Love Four Monsters! <3 It was a pleasure to meet you.
Yeah, tough finding my DD in the formations. She has always had a knack for hiding from photographers.

During his 47 months at WP, we thought that our DS must have turned into a ghost whenever there was a camera around. We rarely, rarely saw a picture of him.
R-day is a great part of the West Point experience and tradition. And West Point does a great job at it, both with the cadets and parents. As far as missing your kids, the first week or two are tough, but it gets better after that. You will maybe get a letter or two and a brief phone call, which for most will put you at ease when your Cadet says all is well. They all sound tired when they call, which should be expected. A few will get bad calls from their kids. It seems though that almost all of them adjust, and the last half of beast is better.

My son liked beast, even if hating certain aspects (waiting around for things is what he hated most). He loved being around and bonding with the other new Cadets. Some of the cadets who he didn't like right off the bat he really liked as he got to know them. Still now, his favorite thing about WP is being part of the Corps. He loved camp Buckner. He is at Buckner now with his class (2020), and was really looking forward to it.

All of the 2021parents: welcome. The experience as a parent is like no other. It's exciting, and mostly fun. It is more fun, I admit, after beast. Lol.

Good luck! Stay busy.
Our son was in the color guard Monday night. We were unable to pick him out on his R-Day two years ago (even in the posted photos and videos afterward), so it was nice to see him this round. Time is flying.