Delay in Medical Hurting Chances?


USMA 2022
5-Year Member
Jul 10, 2017

I have had my application to USMA (and USNA/USAFA) completed for several months. However, I have been working on my DoDMERB qualification since then. An unforeseen remedial has added over a month to this process. Now, my DoDMERB qualification is still waiting on the results from the medical exam which I took weeks ago, which has still not been sent/processed.

I understand that another wave of appointments goes out soon. Does having a delayed medical qualification hurt my chances of getting an appointment? Because appointments are sent out over time / rolling, does becoming qualified for review in February hurt my chances?

The first wave of appointments in Feb will be small. The application deadline is not until Feb 28. If someone is clearly head and shoulders above you then they may get the appointment.... which they would get regardless of the outcome of your remedial. If the competition on your slate is close then they will wait for some period of time for the remedial to resolve itself. The next big wave of appointments will not occur until March which is after applications are due. So for now, this is not hurting your chances. I'm sure it's just a matter of "the system" getting stuff update - and they eventually will. Things are busy this time of year. Patience.