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Feb 7, 2017
I was denied, but I've heard that people who have family members that went to/go to USAFA generally have a lower chance of acceptance, as SS is considered a recruitment tool for people unfamiliar with the academies or unlikely to consider them when applying for colleges. Is this true?
Yes, I have been told this numerous times and Air Force implements this more than other academies.

Ok, that makes sense, thank you. I know some other people who have relatives who are USAFA grads, and they got denied as well.
Don't try to figure out the rationale for the decision. Could be a number of factors.

My DS said that there were some kids whose parent(s) graduated to USAFA in his squad when he went to USAFA SS.

Why people get in and why people don't get into SS will never be known.

Just push hard and get ready for the application process. This is the first step on your journey. Don't look back. Push hard and don't relent!
Don't be discouraged, some of my friends with SAT scores in the 1400's and ACT around 32-35 were denied.

To add onto this, I got denied with a PSAT in the mid/high 1400s. Also a little discouraged, but will use that to encourage myself to try harder in the next year or so before the real application.
This is a great example of how it is impossible to explain the chances of an appointment. The good news for you is SS does not indicate your chances of getting an appointment next year.

I would look at this as a motivator. Where can you continue to build your application resume? Think well rounded candidate and where you have room to improve. Go after it and this may be a blessing to you.
Yes, I have been told this numerous times and Air Force implements this more than other academies.
If true, this is the 1st time I've heard of it. I know a couple of families in MN and western WI that have multiple brothers and sisters at USAFA. I've met them. 3 siblings each that attended USAFA to be exact. I also met a lot of my sons classmates whose parents went to USAFA. It's actually very common. Hence, my gut tells me it might be the opposite.
I would not worry about this based purely on a test score. Offers to SS are based on a secret decoder ring that no one knows the answer to. Keep working on your application and improve the things you can control. A large percentage of incoming cadets did not attend SS.
Correction. I see the the OP's message contained "SS". My post had nothing to do with SS but rather USAFA in and by itself. My bad...:oops:
Agree with Padre101.

I don't think anyone can make generalizations about being related to a USAFA grad will lower or increase your chances for being selected to SS. Like appointments, there is some mystical formula and various criteria the Academy uses to select attendees.

DD was selected for and attended SS even though her dad was a USAFA grad.
There is no component of the Whole Candidate Score for children of an Academy Graduate so it will not affect your chances at an appointment next year. It may help your chances if you qualify for a service connected nomination based on their service. I would make sure you read the requirements and apply for every nomination that you are eligible.
My son was turned down for SS. As it got closer he called his admissions rep to see if they had anymore openings. They did and he went.
Don't worry too much if you did not get into SS. It is a smaller program than admissions and does not look at all the factors.

Still, try to visit USAFA and talk with cadets and officers. Getting eyes on your potential college choices is important (for you).
It is not that big a deal to go or not to go to SS and will have no affect on the status of your USAFA application.

Find something else you'd like to do (Fencersmother suggests GET A JOB) and don't sweat it.
No big deal not getting Summer Seminar..DS #1 was denied and is aC2C. DS #2 went, enjoyed his week, but was surprised how many out of shape kids were there. He went to WP SLS as well and is a plebe there. Great opportunity to see USAFA...nothing more.
People need to realize something. When you apply for summer seminar, the academy knows absolutely NOTHING about you. Any info they have, e.g. GPA, PSAT, etc. is all "SELF REPORTED". In other words, it doesn't mean anything. None of it's official. And they don't know anything about you personally. Who you're related to; if you're the class president; your classes being taken; etc. NOTHING.

Most of the selection is based on trying to get as many kids spread out from all over the country. They also look at kids who probably have little knowledge of the academy. E.g. inner city kid in Baltimore, farm kid in Ohio. They usually get some attendees from every state. I think 10-20 applied from my state when my son applied for SS. He was chosen. He already knew he wanted it. But, it's only 2 hours from our house and it started 2 days after boy's state and 3 days before summer football camp; so the timing was perfect.

But other than that, don't read into summer seminar. It means nothing if you get accepted; (Except for giving you a chance to see the academy if you aren't 100% sold on applying). It also means NOTHING if you don't get accepted. It has no bearing on your application or appointment. And the fact that you can put on your MOC nomination application that you APPLIED for summer seminar, means about as much as if you actually attended. People need to stop worrying about getting accepted to summer seminar. If someone wrote that there is a conflict between attending summer seminar that they got accepted for, and going to Summer Camp, family vacation, or ANY other unique opportunity that they may not get again........ I'd tell them ALL to skip Summer Seminar at the academy and go to any of the other things. CAVEAT: This all ASSUMES that you already know you WANT to apply and ATTEND the air force academy. If you aren't sure, then THAT IS WHAT THE SUMMER SEMINAR IS FOR!!! It's not for the person who is 100% positive they want to attend the academy. You don't get any brownie points on your application.
I was denied to USAFA SS but accepted to USNA SS, I have no idea how the SS acceptance process works.
I was denied to USAFA SS but accepted to USNA SS, I have no idea how the SS acceptance process works.
Last year my DS was denied USAFA SS but attended both USNA and USMA SS. I know for a fact that the USAFA SS is much smaller than the other SAs. As many have already stated, acceptance/deny to SS has NO bearing on your SA appointment or not. We learned first hand as our DS got an appointment to USAFA this past January. Hope this helps.
there used to be a question on the app asking if you had been to USAFA, etc. IOW- they did want new/unfamiliar candidates. That may have changed slightly as the app this year was a bit different.

Don't sweat it. It's not a make/break deal. And you could be nominated to attend one of the visitation programs (generally 1 spring and 1 in the fall).