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Nov 20, 2007
I got an email saying to ignore the Dental Exam form I got in my appointment packet, is this legit or do I still need it? did anyone else get one?
Same here. It wouldn't hurt to get a check-up anyway, though.
When was this e-mail sent? Does this mean that the Panorex is not required?
I got it on Monday. Here's the exact wording:

"We were recently advised that the Dental Office has changed their policy regarding the requirements for incoming plebes. They no longer require a panoramic x-ray (panorex) for dental screening. All plebes will have a panorex during plebe summer."
Dental Exam Info Sent to BGOs

This notice was posted on the BGO information system from Candidate Guidance, it should clear up any questions you have with regards to dental exams.

"05-FEB-09 Dental Requirements for Appointees, Police Record Checks, and Commissioning in the Medical and Dental Corps
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Effective this candidate cycle candidates who accept an Offer of Appointment will not be required to submit a Dental Panorex as part of their acceptance. The Panorex will be taken during Plebe Summer.

If you have a candidate who is unable to obtain a police record check because the available precincts refuse to conduct one, they need to submit a signed statement explaining that they do not have a police record and that the precinct would not conduct the check. Also, a statement from the precinct explaining that they will not conduct the police record check would be preferable.

Also, effective for commissioning of the Class of 2010, USNA will be authorized to commission up to twenty-five (25) graduates in the Medical or Dental Corps. This is an increase from the previously allowed fifteen (15).

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Very respectfully,

LT Bujac "