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Jan 16, 2008
My son is finishing up his junior year of high school. He will be applying to USNA. When will he need to submit dental xrays? He has an appointment with our new dentist in June before his session of Summer Seminar and will need to have xrays done at that time.
If he were to go to one of the academies, they would require new (read within 6 months of I-Day) bitewings and panorex x-rays.
Dental exams

My son's letter says:

The DODMERB no longer includes a dental examination as part of its medical examination for USNA candidates.

You should make every effort to ensure that you arrive at the Naval Academy with excellent dental health in order to avoid loss of time from essential education, training, and opportunities to develop your leadership skills as you become integrated within the Brigade of Midshipmen.

Therefore, we recommend that you address any potential dental problems, including cavities, orthodontics and impacted wisdom teeth before your arrival in Annapolis. If you accept an offer to the Naval Academy, you will be expected to have no dental disease.

Should you accept this offer of appointment, please forward a recent panorex (within 1 year, ideally after the completion of dental work) for dental screening by Naval Academy dentists to:

This will assist us in evaluating your current dental health. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

(No mention of bite wings.)
Well you learn something new every day!! So no bitewings, and the panorex can be at least a year old.

Thanks for the info!! :thumb:
USMA wants bitewings and panorex, along w/ a form filled out by dentist.
Thank you for all the info. Looks like we don't need those records just yet - a whole process for him to go through between now and then.