Did Anyone Hug The Mailman Today!


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May 15, 2007

Its party time in strongsville tonite!!!!:bounce1: :bounce1: :bounce1: :bounce1: :Benny_monkeysmilies
There's a saying that things take longer to come south...must be the case w/ appointments as well...nada in our mail. Congrats!!!!!:beer1:
Congrats, Mike!

Just one thing, though. Now comes the HARD part. :wink:
The USNA appointment now sits on the mantle beside the USMA one...staring at a young man who must make a very big decision!
congrats to you

Go Navy Beat Army
Does that make it easier to decide
If he goes navy you will be sitting on the winning side at the football games:shake:
Congrats...bigger question DID YOU HUG YOUR MAILMAN:yllol: :yllol: :yllol:
Haha...if he decides based on who has the nicer portfolio, it's Army, hands down! The Navy certificate is nice, but Army uses a higher grade cover and the picture is way snazzier. I don't think his decision will be based on anything quite so superficial, however.

I didn't hug the mailman, as I am at work when he delivers the mail. It was rubber-banded to the box, so son brought it in and opened it. It was on the mantle when I arrived. Army sent via FedEx...I was home when it came.

XChefMike: sports...not much I can say on that one...but that will not play into the decision, except for the one my son plans to participate in. He is involved in an individual sport, so even if the team does not win, he can still receive accolades. He is trying to make his decision based on career and long term plans. He is trying to take his sport out of the picture, as he could get injured or ineligible, or many other scenarios. He's a very, very lucky young man to have these two great options. We are very proud of him. He cannot make a wrong choice, in my opinion.

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
mom3boys, many, many congratulations to your son!! Get out the heavy duty bubble wrap!

YEAH MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to you & your son. Looks like run defense will not suffer with graduation.
Haha...I bought him a roll for Christmas! He had a blast with it!
All kidding aside

You are right the final choice will rest in which officer career path your son is most suited for. I along with my wife would be just as proud of our son in any of the service academies. He has one from USMMA as well and it was more of a back up as his heart was Navy Blue all the way. Mike Wrestles as well so I Know how an individual sport plays into the equation. I hope your son the very best. Mike wants to be a Marine or Naval Aviator, with SWO as a second choice, but as all things with young folks go that is subject to change as they take their summer cruises to get a feel for the different specialties.

Again Good Luck and God Bless.

Mike Sr.
Thanks for the kind words. Son goes to CVW in Feb, so we'll have a decision in about 6 weeks!
Congrats to your son!

A tough choice to make, sounds like he'll wisely consider all variables and then decide.

Once he decides, he'll be able to enjoy the rest of his senior year, confident in knowing his future for the next 12 years.
We had/have a great letter carrier in my neighborhood. He was stationed on an aircraft carrier. We did the typical holiday bonus in an envelope, sometimes we'd meet him at the top of our driveway and talk for a little awhile.

Somehow he was kept informed of the whole process while I was applying to academies.

When the CGA appointment came, he hand delivered it to the front door, braving multiple very friendly dogs to ring the doorbell and hand over the appointment.

Good luck with the decision process, remember it isn't always about the school, but the branch and service required after. Go with where he wants to see himself in five years, not in one.

Again, good luck!