Did I Pass my CFA?


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Feb 6, 2017
I took my CFA today and I was wondering if you guys think I passed.

Basketball Throw: 57'10"
Pull-Ups: 3
Shuttle Run: 6.9 secs
Sit-Ups: 87
Push-Ups: 40
Mile Run: 6:49
Male. I did perform over the average for sit-ups.
Find yourself a pullup and pushup routine and dig deep to increase those numbers. With all the rope climbing, bars, etc... you should re-test if possible after 6 or 8 weeks to see if you can "pull" those up.
USNA and/or your BGO will tell you if you've passed. Push-ups and pull-ups are low for a male but might be passing. Still, I would look to improve scores in those areas. Running is strong, which is great!
My DD just took her test as well.
BB Toss - (??????) 25'
Pull-ups - (known weakness, worked on it just could not build the strength, very young just turned 17 this week) 5 sec. hang
Shuttle Run - (??????) 11 sec
Sit-ups - (Strength) 89
Push-ups - (??????) 49
Mile Run- (??????) 7:37

Not so sure how they use it but she is 5' 4" & 115lbs
I fear the 5 sec hang will be a failure, though I could be wrong in that the pushups may save her. If she can do 49 pushups, I guarantee she can hang for 30 seconds. The flexed arm hang is, IMHO, as much mental as physical -- and I say that as someone who did it.

Sounds like she has a hang bar. If she does, have her use a step stool and start from the hang position. Do a few reps in the morning and a few in the evening (hold as long as she can and SLOWLY allow her chin fall below the bar). I'm 99% sure that, within a month, she will be hanging like a fool and then can work on pull-ups.

If she passes the CFA with the above scores then not sure she needs to retake b/c all of her other elements were good to excellent (USNA really doesn't care about the BBall throw). And if she passes, USNA is in effect saying that it's focused on pushups over the pullups/hang. Nonetheless, she should continue to work on this during the year b/c there will be events during PS where upper body strength is needed.

Also, I don't think her size has much to do with it. I know a young woman who's 3" shorter and 1o lbs lighter who can do 9 pull-ups. Not saying that's the norm or expected, just that USNA is unlikely to consider height/weight as a mitigator since your DD is pretty normal in that regard.
Thank you 85'. I will talk to her about hitting the bar again. Aside from my normal day job Im also one of her HS coaches so she has to listen.
Have her work on those pull ups. I was told 1 pull up is worth more than any amount of flexed arm hang time. Both my daughters could not do a pull up at NASS, and struggled with the flexed arm hang. They trained during the summer, mainly practicing assisted pull ups and reverse pull ups (slowly go from flexed arm hang to straight arm hang). With in 6 wks they both retook the test and were able to to 3 and 4 pull ups respectively! Pull ups are a muscle recruitment/muscle memory thing, so learning and practicing the motion over and over goes a long way!

Fully agree that one pull up is better than max hang time. But some women find the hang easier. Thus my suggestion to start by improving the hang time and then move to pull-ups. If this young woman finds pull-ups easier to master, she should start on those right away for the reason you stated. Given that it's only August, there is PLENTY of time to get a lot better in both areas.