Did my CFA today...how did I do?


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Nov 18, 2007
b-ball throw- 77ft
shuttle run- 9.3 (rounded)
pull-ups- 10
pushups- 75
mile- 7:51

Thank you :)!
A definite pass. Mile time may be seen as a little slow by some, but certainly not enough to dampen your other scores.
anyone else? i am a bit worried about that mile, but there is nothing much i can do at this point in time..
your mile might be a little slow, I ran a 7:30 at usnass and my cadre seemed fine with it, but I still brought it down to 6:15. (I was recovering from an injury when i went to ss so I wasnt in great shape). But true, not much you can do but wait.
Hey not bad man! I'm taking my CFA this Friday. You should have no problem passing (get that mile down a lil' though). So I take it you received a nomination to the USNA, and are just waiting to hear back from the academy for an appointment. Good luck, man! Hopefully I'll see ya there!
Can anyone explain how this CFA figures in on the overall qualifications for the USNA?
For West Point it is 10% of your WCS - but I don't think it counts that much for USNA. I think the whole test is strictly pass/fail.
Generally, USNA approaches the CFA as a pass/fail event. However, you can get a small number of "bonus points" for extremely strong scores in certain areas, such as pullups. Conversely, extremely low scores in certain areas can hurt you a bit (even if you pass the CFA).

Historically, the focus has been on upper body strength because there is apparently data that shows that candidates with good upper body strength (as measured by the CFA events) are more likely to do better physically at USNA. However, recently, greater emphasis has been placed on running at USNA. Not sure if this has translated into admissions yet.

However, if you are serious about attending USNA, work on improving your run time starting NOW. Your time will not be satisfactory at USNA. When I was there, men had to complete a mile run (after pullups and situps) in 6:30. Now the distance is 1.5 miles and the max time is something around 10:00. So you can see that a 7:51 in the mile won't cut it.

I suggest talking to the track coach (or any gym teacher) at your high school to develop a plan to improve your running over the next four months. An organized plan will, in my opinion, help you much more than just trying to do it yourself. Trust me, you do NOT want to be out of shape in terms of running when you report for I-Day. Whether good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, early on you are largely judged by how strong a runner you are.
so, my mile will pass to get into the academy, but i should work on it to stay proficient while at the academy, right?
I don't know if your mile is strong enough to get you in. It's borderline at best, but your other scores are good, so you may be ok.

If you don't improve your time before I-Day, you will be miserable. Take it from someone for whom the mile was always a struggle (and who had no difficulty with other aspects of PT). I'm a female and I could run the mile in 7:20. I was slow, but passing (barely). Most guys can do it between 6:00-6:15.

You won't pass your PFT with your current time. You only have 4 months to improve. You do NOT want to show up at I-Day being at the bottom of the pack in terms of running.

Sorry to be blunt, but that's how it is. Talk to your coach. Set up a running conditioning program. Stick to it for the next four months. You'll be fine. Don't heed my advice and you will be very sorry.
Submit new CFA

How do you submit new CFA? My son is having his football coach readminister the test, but what does he do with the new scores?
How late?

How late can I resubmit my CFT?

I went to NASS 2 and did well on e-thing except pull-ups. I have been working on them and I am confident I can get 3-4 (I am a female). The reason I ask how late I can resubmit is because I am having my meniscus repaired Monday and I will be out of commission for about 8 wks.

Thanks for the help!