Didn't get in my first try...


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Jan 9, 2009
Hey everyone,
If there are any candidates that applied last year and didn't get in or are applying this year and don't get in, feel free to comment. I didn't get accepted last year but I applied again this year and got my appointment in October. I have tons of helpful information about what to do for a year and on never giving up on a dream.
Hey everyone,
If there are any candidates that applied last year and didn't get in or are applying this year and don't get in, feel free to comment. I didn't get accepted last year but I applied again this year and got my appointment in October. I have tons of helpful information about what to do for a year and on never giving up on a dream.

I'm a bit "dated" but allow me to welcome you to the club!

I have all my rejection letters, saying "sorry" to me in my bid for the class of 1982...

I also have all my acceptance certificates to the classes of 1983.

Feels good, doesn't it! :smile:
Well after receiving my "qualified, no vacancy" letter, I decided to go to Baylor University. I knew I was going to reapply, so that wasn't a question. I ended up joining ROTC and that has been awsome. I would defenitly recommend that to anyone thinking about reapplying. I also joined the club soccer team at Baylor to stay fit. As for classes, I tried to classes similiar to what I might take at the academy. I took Calc, English, German, Physics, and an AFROTC class. So, between class, homework, soccer, and ROTC, I defenitly had plenty to keep me busy.

I also want to encourage everyone to make sure they have all the details on their DoDMERB. Last year they said I had a problem with my eyes, but I don't. I got retested and cleared all that up. With that fixed, they put me in the "Potential Pilot" instead of "Potential Nav" qualification. I think it really helped being in the Pilot Qualified since, to my knowledge, a certain number of the entering class has to be Pilot Qualified. So, the morale of this is, check what kind of qualification you have and make sure you are happy with it. If you think it should be somethin different, you can have your doctor retest you.
I really don't remember what I got on my CFA. I did it last summer, but I know it was about average to maybe a little above average. It was nothing spectacular though. I think it defenitly helps to do it a couple of times as practice, too.
Did you not apply for an ROTC scholarship? I ask because you said I ended up joining ROTC.

Congrats...the AFA is lucky to have you, your persistence and goal orientation will help you go far. Good Luck...I take it you are from Texas.
I did not apply for an ROTC scholarship, and if I could redo one thing, it would be that. I was told by a bunch of people that I had great chances of getting into the academy last year, and I let that get to my head. I thought it would be a waste of time to apply for an ROTC scholarship. I was obviously wrong. However, I know that at my Detchment atleast, it is not difficult to get a scholarship within your first or second year.

Yes, I am from the Dallas area.
Wow, you got an october appt? nice. what was your first semester GPA at baylor?


I have the UTMOST respect for those who have the determination to give it another go 'round!! WOW, seriously......... KUDOS to you!!!

I have seen some take a rejection not so graciously.... I have seen some say they "didn't really want it in the first place" (then why did they go thru the long, arduous process to begin with?)...I have seen some settle for what they didn't really want.. I honestly think some people underestimate them selves after a "NO" the first time around. Good for you for believing in yourself and for having the conviction to NOT take "no" for an answer! Good for you for following your dream and letting NOTHING get in your way. You will make a fine cadet and Officer!

Good luck at the Academy and enjoy your time home before they wisk you away in June!:eek:................:smile:

I salute you!! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
Just for your perusal...

I posted this on the USMA forum but it's just as applicable here...
Hi all!

I wanted to pass this along. It's a "short story" about one of my most favorite people: Captain Chad Harmon, USMA '03.

I met Chad when he expressed an interest in attending the USAFA during his freshman year of HS. He was the "all America kid next door" with EVERYTHING you could want. In a uniform he's a male model, poster child of the fit, good looking nordic type...and just a heckuva guy. State champion baseball pitcher, etc...etc...etc...he had everything going for him and impressed all who met him.

You all are very much like him in your goals and aspirations, so you know what I mean.

Chad was nominated to USAFA his senior year and all looked great...EXCEPT his SAT/ACT scores. They were good...as an ALO (admission liaison officer for USAFA) I know "about what it'll take" but not always precisely. And Chad was CLOSE...oh so close...

But he didn't get accepted. He did however receive a 4-year ROTC full-scholarship. Which he took to Embry Riddle in Florida. I assumed that was the last I'd hear of Chad. You have to understand...he comes from a small (really small) mining town in the mountains of Arizona...male model type...put him in So Florida...I figured the "beach scene" would kill him. :shake:

So when he called and said: "So sir, what do I do to get to USAFA now?" I was amazed. To shorten the story...his congressman remembered him well, and said he wouldn't have to fly back to AZ from FL for the nomination interview...he'd nominate him automatically! And he did!!!

To West Point!!!!
(pause here to imagine a young man of 19 crying like a 2 year old when his lollipop is taken away).

His words to me were akin to: "What do I do now...it's over...my whole goal, plans, etc...all over."

I asked Chad: "What is it you REALLY want to do? Forget the academy...what is it that YOU REALLY want to do?"

His answer, which I remember to this day: "Sir...I want to be an officer of the armed forces of the United States and to serve my country."

Yes, really; those were his words at age 19.

My only answer was: "And West Point's a bad place for this because???"

Chad graduated with high honors from West Point in 2003 and went to helo school at Ft Rucker, choosing to fly Blackhawks because he liked the idea of special operations and rescue.

He has recently converted to the RC-12N (fixed wing recce) and is excelling in the US Army aviation world.

Folks...if you get the word that it's "...not this year..." do NOT be discouraged from your ultimate goal! I use Chad as an example a LOT...

And now you know why!

If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it!!!

Steve Wood, Lt Col, USAFR
Deputy Liaison Officer Director for Arizona
Absolutely a beautiful story!!!

I can honestly say I respect all who attend SAs, BUT...... for those who go above and beyond to get there, I have the utmost repect. These kids are my heroes!! I'm a FIRM believer in dreaming BIG!

flieger83, you must feel honored to be a mentor to such fine youth!! I know I would be.