Disqualified: Very mild asthma


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Mar 13, 2017
DS was just disqualified for asthma. Its very mild only during spring allergy season and the Dodmerb examining dr said she would note the mildness. After all his work going through this process, to be disqualified for something so minor. The portal says something like "stand by to see if board decides to seek a waiver". He emailed his RC but got the msg that RC is out for 2 weeks. So is it over, now? Thank you.
We are getting late in the process so admissions pretty much knows where everyone stands on their slates and the NWL. The decision to request a waiver is dependent on how competitive your son is on his slate. If he is #1 on the slate, then they probably would have requested it all ready. If someone is already charged to your slate then they will see where he sits on the NWL. If he is close to where admissions sees the cut off they may request. If he is not going to be on the top of any possible appointment sources they will most likely request a waiver. While that is probably not what you wanted to hear, if he is more competitive next year they may request a waiver.